A Cool, Modern Condo in Chicago Influenced by the Designer's Travels
July 7, 2017
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This modern white Chicago home of designer, Lisa Spagnolo, is an eclectic mix of treasures from her worldly travels and unique vintage finds. The result is layered and cozy with the coolest modern edge. Tour the spot that Lisa calls home all captured by Jasmine Pulley and read up on how each and every perfectly styled vignette came to be.
When I was in my early 20's, I spent some time living in Italy and Southern France. Those cultures influenced me a lot in the way I live and especially in my aesthetic choices.
It can actually hinder me a lot of times when I'm trying to put together a space - I love the softness of French style but I also love the ruggedness of an Argentine estancia. The key is to figure out how to make those contradictory elements work together.
I love spaces that are functional and classic, with meaningful keepsakes, souvenirs, and artwork sprinkled in there. If an object/piece of furniture doesn't serve any sort of purpose in the space or if a souvenir/piece of artwork doesn't evoke a feeling, then it shouldn't be there. 
When designing a space, my starting point is always going to be Function. What is the point of this room? What are people going to be doing in here? Once you've established the function of the room, you can start figuring out what layout and styles will make the most sense. 
In the entryway, I have a collection of artwork, sketches from another artist as well as some of my own pieces, that I've been collecting over the years. I hope to just keep adding to that though out my life! 
In the dining area, there are a set of 6 Mid Century dining chairs that I found at a local thrift shop. They were in great condition and came with the original ikat fabric on the seats. And they only cost $90 for the set, which was a steal!
 In the living room, I have a few blankets that I bought in Peru that I LOVE. I came home with a new suitcase full of Peruvian textiles but still felt like it wasn't enough...
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Lisa is continuously influenced by her travels, and welcomes the task of learning languages and experiencing new cultures. She pulls inspiration from innovative ideas and novel creative solutions, as well as the concept of slow and simple living. She recently renovated her home in the city and has a project in the works for opening up a country home in Michigan.