Your Fashion Forecast According to Your Star Sign
July 2, 2017
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What's your star style? Every sign has a different way to express their own special "look". Do you prefer casual and low-key or bold and trendsetting? Read on to find out more about your signature cosmic fashion.
Naima Barcelona

As a fire sign, your style is bold and eye-catching. As a natural leader, you probably gravitate towards fashions that are cutting edge and outside the box. As long as you can wear it first, you'll be happy knowing you wore it best. Try this form-fitting red dress.

Your earth mama vibe likes soft sensual fabrics and a comfortable but sexy style. Your feminine side is important to you and this is reflected in your style, like this blush cold-shoulder top. Once you choose a look, you usually keep it for life.

As the honorary flirt of the zodiac, your style reflect your character. You like a look that is, light, airy and adaptable. Reversible or multi-use styles are right up your alley, because they give you so many possibilities for expression. Grab a reversible leather-look-alike tote.
Alexandra Wolf

As a sign with deep roots in the past, you are drawn to vintage styles evoke another time or an important memory. Romantic, nostalgic looks are also perfect for your dreamy sensitive nature, giving you a way to imaginatively express yourself through fashion. This stunning Havana-inspired dress will do the trick.

You've got serious fashion flair and know exactly how to express yourself. Your style is dramatic and luxurious with a little fiery passion thrown in to spice things up. Think movie star glamour meets foxy vixen in this sequin drape-back dress.

Clean, pure and eco-chic are your go-to looks. Your style is all about form meeting function, you want to look good, but you want your look to "do good" as well, with sustainable fabrics and socially responsible business ethics. Grab these slouchy organic linen loungers.
Amy Emily

As the sign of beauty and balance, you approach style with an artist's eye, creating a look that is pleasing and harmonious. You can be something of a trendsetter as you are always looking for new ways to express your innate sense of fashion. This oversized dress is perfect for a summer wedding.

You know how to make an art form out of basic black, incorporating it into many of your style choices. You dress for impact, wanting others to feel your power in subtle but intense ways. This off-the shoulder LBD is a statement-maker.

Style is an adventure for you as you seek to incorporate many different cultural influences into your look. But you also want to be comfortable and travel ready, so your wardrobe choices have a fuss free quality that allows you to get up and when needed. This boho look is a must for you.
Danielle Moss

When you aren't dressing to impress, you may have a uniform style outfit that is your go to look. You'd rather spend your time focused on your next important goal than fussing over what you are going to wear.

Your quirky style is centered on breaking all the fashion rules and making things up as you go along. You like to dress outside the box and may even incorporate a variety of tech elements into your look.

You have a strong spiritual side which is an important influence in your style. Colors, fabrics and accessories that allow you to show your connection to the divine are key to your look. Start with this heavenly frock.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Fern Spring is an astrologer, wellness writer and owner of Wisestars Apothecary. She lives in Northern California with her dog and her guy in the beautiful West County of Sonoma.