10 Ways to Celebrate Your First Anniversary, From Casual to Over The Top
June 29, 2017
You did it! While your first 365 days of marriage may involve some adjustment, it's also a very special and exciting time. It's time to celebrate! From casual to over the top, here are a few wedding anniversary ideas to help you plan the perfect celebration.


Stay in for a romantic evening at home.

There's nothing wrong with planning a quiet night in with your spouse. Start by cooking dinner together — or get take-out — then enjoy that anniversary cake you saved all year long. Pro tip: De-thaw your frozen cake 24 hours by placing it in the refrigerator until one hour before eating, then place on the counter to warm up to room temperature. Don't have any leftover cake? Call your bakery ahead of time and see if they will make a small one for you. It's tradition after all. Keep the evening casual by putting on some comfy (ahem, sexy) clothes and watch your wedding videos or look back at your wedding photo album together.

Plan a romantic picnic.

Take your romantic dinner outdoors by making a day of it. Pack a picnic with your favorite foods and champagne -- and don't forget the blanket. Add an extra special touch by creating a music playlist with all your wedding songs you danced to and connect a small Bluetooth speaker. By stepping out of your daily routine it will make this one year anniversary feel exactly as it should be: significant.

Make reservations for a romantic night out.

A year will go by fast, so make time for each other in the form of date night and activities. Often! Especially on your one year anniversary. Take a trip down memory lane by dining at the location of your rehearsal dinner or first date, or even the spot you celebrated your engagement. Reminisce on your wedding day and your first official year together as husband and wife. Think about ways in which you can celebrate further when you get home. But don't forget dessert. See if they have something on the menu that resembles your wedding or grooms cake.

Get tickets to a concert, theater or sporting event.

Find out when your favorite band is touring or go see the artist that sang your first dance song. Love movies or the theater? Pick a show that might share some meaning in your relationship. Consider a road trip to go see your college team play, especially if that's where you first met! Similar to how you remember your first date, you'll always remember your first wedding anniversary too. If you have to travel, make it a weekend getaway.

Book a one-year anniversary photoshoot.

Document your newly married life together. Hire a photographer to capture post-wedding photos and use them to help decorate your new home. Not only can you get a new outfit for the shoot, it's a great reason to start your day at the spa: get your nails, hair and makeup done. Consider treating yourselves to a couples massage and lunch before your golden hour shoot. Hint: Just before sunset makes for great photographs!

Renew your vows.

Confirm your commitment to one another by renewing your vows with a pastor, priest, or rabbi. Read your original vows or create new ones. Commemorate your wedding day together in an intimate setting where you can remember why you both were married. This can be done in front of close friends and family or just between the two of you.


Exchange gifts.

From designer bags to luxury watches, anniversary gifts can range across the board based on your bank account. Don't spend your life savings if you're planning to start a family anytime soon, but surprise each other with something special to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

Host a family BBQ.

For the family-oriented couple, invite everyone over for a backyard cookout. It's an easy way to get both sides of the family together. Not sure if the weather is going to cooperate? Make it a potluck instead and recreate dishes served at your wedding!

Throw a first wedding anniversary party.

Whether you have room at your home or rent a venue space — say your wedding reception spot — get all your friends and family together again for a one-year anniversary party. From invitations to entertainment, this sort of celebration could even be bigger than the wedding! Don't forget the champagne toast.

Take a second honeymoon.

First class airplane tickets to paradise is the ultimate way to spend your first wedding anniversary. Find somewhere new to go or venture back to the place where you spent your first honeymoon. Want to explore? Rent a car when you land and plan an adventure that will make this trip one to remember. Consider booking couples massages, try couples yoga, or go sailing! You can even document your getaway by using Flytographer to capture all the memories.

Have more ideas? Tell us how you spent your first wedding anniversary in the comments below!

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Heather Hall is a freelance writer, content creator, and PR consultant splitting time between NYC & Fairhope, AL. When she isn't planning an event or scouring wedding trends on social media, you can find her practicing yoga by the beach, discovering new music, and enjoying time with her family and friends -- including her new husband Jude!