The Prettiest Way To Serve Any And All Summer Drinks
June 26, 2017
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Whether you're sipping on lemonade or limoncello, know that it tastes ten times better with a few of these floral cubes in attendance. And while there's no actual scientific proof, I am convinced that a prettier cocktail just tastes that much better. Learn how to gussy up your summer sips in the prettiest of ways with this simple DIY crafted by Erin McLean Events and Nancy Ray. You'll never go back to regular old cubes again.
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Select an edible floral or herb for your fancy ice! We love ordering from Gourmet Sweet Botanicals for the widest selection!

Grab your ice tray - or if you don't have one (we didn't) Bed, Bath, and Beyond has a great option that comes with a lid -- no spilling!

Put 1-2 small blooms or leaves in each cube compartment.

Slowly and carefully fill with water, we used a water bottle rather than the faucet! Place in the freezer overnight

Pop out your fancy ice and into a pretty decorative bowl or right into your chilled water or cocktail! Super easy and super impactful for your next little celebration!