5 Inexpensive (and Easy!) Ways to Customize Your Rental
June 23, 2017
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Don't let the fact that you live in a rental stop you from truly making it home; even if there's a no paint clause in your contract. From removable wallpaper to layered rugs and a touch of green, Elizabeth Van Lierde is spilling her 5 step approach to truly customizing your space and adding a heavy dose of your personal style. Get ready to make that rental shine.
This apartment brought a lot of firsts. This was the first home that Jared and I shared together. It was also our first 'non college' place to rest our heads and a representation our personalities. Having a rental home together was like the biggest DIY project I was ever given! Since we are just starting out in life and in adulthood we had little money but a large zeal to make our home special! Decorating our space has been one of my favorite projects of my twenties thus far! Being a food and lifestyle blogger I needed a space that would be inspiring and creative. Jared needed a space where he could relax and feel comfortable! Through a lot of trial and error with limited options I think we totally achieved our goals! And you can too! Follow along for some easy tips that will help you own your rental space!

No paint? No worries! Walls in an apartment can be tough! While we we're lucky enough to have freedom to paint over our rental white, so many people do not! If you find yourself with this situation there are some alternatives. Temporary wallpaper can be a great option! We used this in our guest room shown. It was relatively easy to put up and instantly transformed the room. Whenever people come over it is an instant conversation piece. Chasing Paper has a great variety of choices, there is something for everyone!

The magic Carpet! You want to know the single item that tied each room together in our apartment... RUGS. We could put everything into the room and it would still feel a little off but as soon as the rug went down it all came together. Rugs are especially great if you can't do a lot of customizing. It is a quick fix that can be rolled up and reused wherever you call home! Try layering a large rug (like jute material) for lots of rental carpet coverage and a small rug for an accent and more personal style.
Play up your textiles! Think rugs, curtains, pillow patterns, throw blankets, tablecloth, table runner, tapestry, etc.. Usually these items help cover a lot of square footage whether it be on the wall or furniture surface. They are a direct representation of what you like and are just plain fun! I've got a throw pillow buying problem and I'm completely okay with it!

Fresh is always better! One of the last things I added to my apartment before I took photos was TONS of fresh flowers and house plants. They are an instant mood booster no matter what space you're in! If you're in an apartment you often lack outdoor space and this can instantly give you that outdoorsy feel that you long for in a small area. Some great house plants that don't take much of a green thumb are fiddle leaf trees, peace lilies, monstera plants, snake plants and palms!

Ain't no party like a patio party! If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, PLAY. IT. UP! We spend more time outside on the patio than the dining room and living room. It makes us feel like our space is larger and not as confined to a few rooms. Whether you have a small balcony that only fits a bistro table or a large patio that can handle a lounge set, do invest in the area. It is an instant sweet escape that you will be happy to have.