Tour a Modern Gramercy Apartment with a Killer View
June 19, 2017
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With killer city views like this, it makes total sense to throw classic space planning rules right out those picturesque windows. And that is precisely what Mara Silber did. While designing this modern Gramercy apartment, she gave the NYC skyline top billing and floated furniture so the owners could take in all that beauty right from the comfort of bed. It's genius and is just the beginning of this space layered with neutrals, pops of color and fab art. Take the full tour captured by Sean Litchfield right here.
This fresh, playful home was truly the result of a lifelong dream.  One of the clients, my architecture-trained oldest friend (dating back to preschool!), and I had long envisioned our first design collaboration. When he and his fiancee, another childhood friend turned fashion lawyer, moved into the prestigious Gramercy Starck building with unrivaled city views, we knew the interiors had to match the luxury of the architecture, while showcasing the couple's youthful energy.
The biggest challenge of this project was undoubtedly the bedroom, which also turned out to be my favorite thing about the space. With a wish-list that included a queen-size bed, reading lights, and ample dresser storage, we were forced to think outside the box. Knowing that I wanted to feature the floor-to-ceiling windows spotlighting the incredible cityscape, I presented a hotel-inspired, untraditional layout with the bed facing the windows and the dresser (which had the added challenge of needing a finished back!) doubling as a headboard. The proposed layout capitalized on the available square footage and simultaneously maximized the rare city views.
Functionally, the goal was to create a cozy, welcoming retreat that could easily lend itself to entertaining, which can be a challenge in a New York City one-bedroom apartment. 
With an unusually spacious eat-in kitchen area, we selected a high-top dining table that seconds as a buffet table when moved against the wall, opening up the entryway to seamlessly flow into the rest of the apartment.
We strategically placed the bar cart at the end of the living room, drawing guests, who tend to naturally congregate in the kitchen, towards the views and outdoor patio.  
This way, we made sure we were utilizing the entire surface area of the space. In the living room, we had their existing Ikea sofa to work with, which we updated with a new, gray slipcover. We layered in different textures with the rug and pillows, throwing in contrasting materials with the metal zig zag chair and leather lounge chair. The “Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha” artwork on the walls perfectly showcases their light-hearted spirit and makes for the perfect conversation starter.
Having open-minded clients be receptive to my suggestions as a designer is what really allowed us to create the wow-factor for the space. Thankfully, our long history was a contributing factor to their overwhelming trust in my expertise! My favorite pieces in the apartment are, without a doubt, the Yee Wong “Exploding Powder Movement” prints featured in the bedroom. 
If I were to describe the couple’s personalities in a print, these glitter bomb photos are it! They are happy, sparkly, beautiful, life-of-the-party people. Other great finds included quirky, modern touches like the Anna Wintour doll in the bookcase and the framed Gurney’s Montauk postcards - a sentimental place to them.
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