Crafting the Prettiest Guest Bedroom Meets Office Space on a Budget
June 12, 2017
Most people have that room that works double and triple duty from workspace to storage unit and sleeping accommodations and I write this as I sit in my home office/ guest suite/ laundry room so I know all too well. For interior designer, Courtney Davey of Tuft & Trim, that catchall space needed an overhaul and her vision was a bright and serene office meets guest bedroom designed on a budget. Awash in shades of blush and cozy details, we think she totally nailed it. Click here for the full tour.
Our guest bedroom doubles as my office so it was important for me to make it a space where I want to spend time in and find motivation and inspiration. Before, it had dark gray walls and busy patterns and with spring coming, I wanted something more calm, bright, and serene. The rest of our home reflects a combination of my husband and I’s taste, but I wanted this space to be solely a reflection of what I love.
It’s funny, I would have never thought of using pink, it really isn’t my favorite color. But at the time I was working on a project for a client where I was on the search for pinks, and I grew to love the muted blush tone. There’s a sense of elegance to it, a mature feminine quality.
I was shopping at home goods one day and I came across this floral canvas and fell in love the soft pastel tones. One thing led to another, and before you know it, I had a cart full of pillows, lamps, curtains, a blanket, etc, all revolving around this one painting. After taking the painting home, I decided painting the walls was a must. I brought home a handful of white samples and found one that blended perfectly with the painting.
Within a day, I painted the room myself and was thrilled with the outcome. I didn't have a huge budget to work with, oh the possibilities of what I could have done if I had the money. I used all the furniture I had originally, most of which are hand me downs or antique store finds. But by updating the paint, wall decor, lamps, and bedding, the whole space was transformed. I also did some DIY projects like bleaching my previous bedding white instead of buying new bedding, covering a side table with fabric, and making my own wall art.
Above my desk area you’ll see a set of 9 antique french architectural prints, I found these on etsy and framed them myself. It’s little details like this that set a space apart and show uniqueness.
What I love most about this room is that it reflects my personality. One of my main priorities in all my designs is to try to achieve a space that encompasses one’s personality, and in order to do that, you have to get creative. Don’t ever let a low budget hold you back, try to think of how you can work with what you have, and make it better! 
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