Infusing Big Personality (and a Pink Fridge) into a Small Office Space
June 2, 2017
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Not only does Christy Doramus of Crowns by Christy make insanely cute head adornments and floral arrangements but her knack for whipping up a crazy cute interior is also on point. Tour her pink infused office space complete with a blushing SMEG fridge (!!!!) plus grab her 5 tricks for making the most of a small space.

Make your desk the most versatile piece in your office. Because my business is so hands-on I often find myself working from my laptop wherever I can find a space in the studio vs. Always sitting at a desk. Considering that we have limited space for furniture, we frequently use a desk (which is actually a console table) as a bar, buffet for serving food, or as a display table.

Use conference room tables that are light and mobile. In addition to using our studio as an everyday workspace, we also use it as an entertaining space to host bridal showers, baby showers, DIY classes and branded events. Our conference room tables are extremely versatile and can be placed together to create a long table for a meeting or it can be split up for DIY classes. The actual tables are also very inexpensive. The surfaces are basic IKEA tabletops and the legs can be purchased separately at PrettyPegs. Com. The legs can be conveniently removed for easy transportation to and from events, creating a pop-up flower crown bar no matter where our events schedule takes us.

Make the most of your bookshelves. Bookshelves are a fantastic way to display multiple items in a small space. During the day our shelves provide character as they feature not only books but also some of our favorite things - such as fun Packed Party Disco Drinks, a polaroid camera or even artwork. However, during an event the shelves offer multiple surfaces to display plates, flatware, straws, wine glasses, and any other party supplies that may be overflowing from our bar cart.

Give big personality to small spaces. The smallest space in our office is actually the most popular. It's a small room that was once used for a washer/dryer, now features our favorite item in the studio - a pink SMEG refrigerator that is brought to life by Lulu and Georgia's bold floral wallpaper on all sides. We then found a perfectly sized shelf from Wayfair to place next to the SMEG, filling out the awkward, extra space and the covering some electrical equipment. This room also serves as a bright and cheerful passageway to the outdoor patio to keep our guests excited while moving throughout the entire space.

Opt For Versatile Of Seating Options. Instead of selecting heavy couches and chairs, I selected an eclectic mix of seating options ranging from a lightweight settee to an upholstered bench that can be moved from room to room, providing additional guest seating when necessary. Use cheerful accents to give a room more character and personality, I'm also obsessed with our heart ottomans which are OH Joy for Target. They are extremely lightweight and are great seating alternatives that are Instagram friendly!
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