5 Easy Tips to Perfecting The Neighborhood Date Night
May 9, 2017
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Whether you've been dating for a year or married for 15, cashing in on regular date nights is oh so important. It fuels that bond and gives you that together time that everyone needs. And if it is super easy and budget-friendly? Well that's even better. Ashley Brooke is sharing 5 simple tips for crafting your own neighborhood date night with the one you love. And champagne is most certainly on the menu. See even more captured by Amalie Orrange right here!
From Ashley Brooke Designs... Ever since my husband and I started dating, we’ve been doing neighborhood date nights. It’s a little tradition of ours that has stuck. We love going on them, and we love how easy it is to make them happen! Honestly, it’s so simple to throw a few things together in a picnic basket and head out for a sunset bike ride after a long day of work. Not only does it get us outside, but we also get the chance to actually enjoy our neighborhood. These dates are budget friendly, but they feel extra special! If you haven’t tried a neighborhood date night, follow my tips below. I pinky promise this is about to be your new favorite date night tradition.

1. Dress It Up

Even though you’ll just be biking around town, it’s fun to feel just a little fancy! Put on a pretty easy-to-wear sundress and a pair of flats (something you can easily pedal in!). You don’t want to wear anything over the top, but you, of course, want to wear something that makes you feel like it’s date night.

2. Pack a Picnic

Whether you pack a full dinner or snacks, pick up a little something that will make the night extra fun. I always bring a bottle of champagne or wine because either makes the night feel really special. I also love having trail mix and strawberries on hand. Just like your outfit, keep things simple!

3. Time It Right

It’s really easy to miss the sunset, so make sure you check the sunset time on your phone before you head out on your adventure or you’ll be biking in the dark. This has happened to us more than once!

4. Find a Spot

On your drive home from work, take an extra loop around your neighborhood. Are there any parks, benches, or pretty stoops that you could use for your picnic? If so, make a note! It’s always good to have a plan and to know where your bike or stroll is about to take you.

5. Snap a Polaroid

Some of my favorite photos of my husband and I are taken with my Instax camera at our sunset picnics. I keep them on our refrigerator to remind me to plan more neighborhood date nights like this.
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Dress: Anthropologie | Shoes: Anthropologie | Earrings: Anthropologie | Bikes: Pure Cycle | Bike Basket: Nantucket Bike Basket | Picnic Basket: Amazon