A Celebration of Friendship and Cake...Lots of Cake
April 23, 2017
United States
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I love any excuse to get together with friends; especially when that excuse involves cake. To celebrate birthdays and friendship, Cassie and her group of girlfriends threw a dinner party as sweet as they come. Balloon installations, candy walls and personalized desserts are just a few of the goodies tucked inside this party crafted by Details Details with florals by BloomBox Designs and cakes by Intricakes. See the full shindig captured by John and Joseph Photography right here.
I feel so incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful group of close friends, who span from New York to LA. As my birthday started to creep up on me, a few friends asked if I wanted to do anything to celebrate, and a thought popped into my head about having a party to celebrate all of our birthdays, as well as honoring our friendship, our health, and the special milestones in our lives that have occurred over the past few years.
 Right from the start of planning this party, I was certain of two things: I knew I wanted to have it held at the Montage, and I knew I wanted Jeannie Savage and Fayaz of Bloombox Designs to help me plan it. My husband and I were married at the Montage in Laguna Beach, and the incredible service at each of their hotels continues to amaze me. Additionally, Jeannie and Fayaz planned my wedding, and both are so phenomenal that I can't even find the right words to describe how outstanding they are. Jeannie, Fayaz and I all met at Georgie, a new restaurant at the Montage, and decided it was a good space for a dinner party. We talked about different ways to create a fun, colorful, and whimsical vibe- words that I often associatede with "celebration".
 I liked the idea of hints of bright neon weaved into a large array of beautiful pastels, and the invitations were a great example of that blend. The hot pink acrylic invite mixed in with the large pieces of pastel confetti looked so nice together, and the die cuts of "life" and "love" we're used to incorporate the theme of the party into the invitations.
Having candy somehow built into the party was crucial, as it's fun, it's colorful, and I absolutely love anything sweet-don't we all? I especially love Sugarfina- not only their candy, but the overall look of their stores. I was elated that the candy wall had that same Sugarfina sleek vibe, and loved all of the eye catching candy. Shannon of Cordially Couture took the same font and etching design she had used on the invitations and applied the same look to the labels of the candy boxes (as well as the menus) so that they'd all tie in together. The gigantic assortment of balloons were out of this world, and yet another way of bringing lots of hues to the different parts of the room, including the ceiling.
The balloons were so fun to look at, as they were a cornucopia of colors and sizes- some of the larger ones even had smaller balloons inside of them! The table was absolutely gorgeous and exuded happiness (and cake)! Rather than traditional place cards, each guest's actual birthday was cut out of the same pink acrylic used for the invitations, and then placed by the guest's seat. Everyone had different colored napkin treatments, with rainbow holographic forks and knives. I had written a small note for each friend, and was going to place them near their seat before they arrived. But table was just so perfect and I didn't want to move anything or knock something over, and decided to just hand them out as my friends walked in.
We were all mesmerized by the candles, the flowers, the plates, menus, balloons and on and on. The cakes were especially captivating and a few friends asked if they were even real as they looked so perfect! They were placed on beautiful cake stands of varying heights, and all nestled next to such gorgeous floral arrangements. The mixture of greenery, roses, peonies, and other flowers in different shades all looked as if they were bursting out from the table. In between courses, there were heartfelt toasts, lots of champagne, and many happy tears of gratitude. As dessert was being served (cookies and an assortment of Georgie's popular desserts), and coffee was poured, the night appeared to be coming to an end.
But, a night of celebrating must include a surprise or two. Jeannie delivered surprise #1 as she came in and handed each of us an absolutely stunning bunch of flowers, ones that matched the beautiful blooms on the dinner table. All of my friends were so incredibly thankful for the flowers and for the whole evening, however, it was still not over! After the flowers were given out, a multitude of mini drip cakes with lit candles were brought into the room. Everyone had a look of shock on their faces, as well as a big smile, as they saw what was being placed in front of them- we all received our own personal birthday cake!
The Intricakes creations are not only stunning, but so delicious as well! They really stood out more than anything else, partially because there aren't many holidays or occasions that call for 20 cakes to be used as decor- and also because these cakes really do look like small pieces of art. Eventually the night did come to an end, but not before each guest selected all sorts of candy from the candy wall and filled their bags to the brim with different flavors of gummy bears, pillow mints, pastel Jordan almonds, and more. Everyone had a had a wonderful night of celebrating, and we all left with bags of candy, beautiful flowers, leftover cakes, and warm hearts. Thank you so much to Georgie/Montage BH, John Hong, Intricakes and of course Shannon for being so fabulous at what you. Lots of love to the party planning dream team of Jeannie and Fayaz for being the two of the most creative, talented, patient and caring people I know!
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