Celebrating Sweet 60 with a Rooftop Surprise Party
April 19, 2017
Birthday PartyParty
You will be hard pressed to find someone that doesn't fall madly in love with Margarete. There's not a single soul in this office; that's for sure. For her sweet 60th, her family crafted the loveliest surprise party centered around gemstones (one of her loves). They ate, they sipped and they finished with the sweetest of endings all while surrounded by stunning views. This party crafted by Mademoiselle Fée + Jubeltage along with images captured by Karl Blümel is the true definition of the perfect birthday celebration.
Margarete didn’t want to celebrate a big party for her 60th birthday. But she loves being with her family. That’s why her daughter Eveline and grandchild Sophia organized a small surprise party for her. Margarete´s husband knew about the plan and agreed to lure his wife from their flat during the morning. Margarete´s family had thought about everything. Margarete was treated to a visit to the make-up artist. Eveline also gave her father an elegant dress and matching shoes so his wife would be dressed properly. In the meantime the daughter and granddaughter prepared the lovely table with all sorts of delicacies and wrapped the presents. Lots of lights were used to create a charming atmosphere.
 As Margarete loves gemstones, that’s why the women chose this theme for her 60th birthday. At lunch everything was ready. They quickly lit the candles and Margarete was lead into their flat by her husband Johann. He even blindfolded her so the surprise would not be spoiled until the celebration. Brigitte’s dream came true: her family, the most important people in her life were waiting to celebrate with her.
They toasted to Margarete who was totally overwhelmed with a glass of sparkling wine. It was the perfect surprise. Everybody presented Margarete with their gifts: precious jewelry – naturally with gemstones – and a special mineral which now is one of the highlights of her collection. Afterwards the family sat down by the festively decorated table to enjoy some appetizers.
But Felix had another surprise prepared for his mother in law. He had ordered a three-layered cake with hundreds of edible crystals. They looked like amethysts and rose quartz and were competing with the glittering of the golden designs decorating the cake. For dessert the family enjoyed some tea with the delicious cake and some additional macarons.
In the evening, when all guests were gone, Johann asked his with for a dance. Like a couple newly in love they gently move to the rhythm of the music. With the beginning of dawn the couple settles on the balcony to enjoy the view on the baroque church of St. Charles in the heart of vienna which has been watching the high spirited family during their celebration.
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