Are You Styling Your Coffee Table All Wrong?
March 15, 2017
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Cute coffee tables are a mainstay in a well designed living room. But if that table is naked or, worse yet, strewn with confused bits and bobbles it can put a major damper on the whole space. Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion is coming to the rescue with 5 must haves for a well executed tabletop. And if her newly revamped living room made gorgeous at the hands of High Fashion Home is any indication, she knows just what she's talking about.

The 5 Things Every Coffee Table Needs

Your living room is arguably the space in your home that will say the most about you to guests and visitors and the center piece of every living room is your coffee table - so make sure you know what it says about you! I'm excited to share my living room redesigned in partnership with High Fashion Home and share 5 things every coffee table should have.

Something to read

101 of coffee table decor is something to read. Think books that are easy and entertaining to flip through. Books are also great as a design element to bring in patterns and textures or as a base to stack and layer with other pieces. Don't forget to check under book covers - sometimes hardcover books are even cuter underneath!

Something for all ages

Every coffee table should have something fun as an option to keep your guests occupied and entertained. I love this brass tic-tac-toe set that is just as much fun for a 5 year old as a 50 year old.

Something personal

The personal touches are the ones that really make a house a home, and a coffee table is a great place to bring those elements. Whether it's a book that means something to you, postcards from your recent adventures, or pieces from a collection, guests will love getting a glimpse of something personal.

Something floral

Every room needs a vase full or flowers or a pretty plant to bring some life into the space. Investing in faux flowers is a great move, especially when it comes to the coffee table! A quality faux floral arrangement will look real and also save you money in the long run, plus they are a lot less maintenance than fresh flowers.

Something scented

I am such a sucker for candles! They can add a lot of texture and interest to a space who doesn't love a good scent to add some ambience to the room?

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