This Birthday Bash Has Gone Camping and It's Wildly Cute
March 13, 2017
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When you take two adorable 4 year olds, a mom as talented as they come and a big ol' birthday bash you know what you get? This Camping themed celebration designed by Doreen Corrigan for her insanely cute twins. Party hats, camping inspired treats and a canoe + faux fire combo are just a few of the goodies tucked inside. See the full party from teepee to pine tree cake right here.
Our Sweet Twin's Finn & Reese are Christmas babies. Having a birthday so close to the holidays has always proven tough to plan an event to celebrate their special day. Four was the perfect age to start and they invited a few pre-school friends over to celebrate their big day! Their only request? A camping themed birthday party.
 They love to cozy up in their sleeping bags, make forts around our home, and go on scavenger hunts adventures with Mom and Dad. Unfortunately, Capricorn birthdays always promise cold temps so we wanted to have fun activities for the children to enjoy inside our home. Each child had their own personalized teepee to decorate thanks to the amazing Malia at Studio M Limited.
 Deanna at Cake and Flower Paper artfully water colored both their invitations and scavenger hunt cards. The kids had a blast hunting through our home for flashlights, gummy worms, trail mix, flowers, pinecones and fake bugs... All in which they were able to take home in their treat bags.
Caroline with Caroline's Kitchen Table prepared and styled all food for the event. The food was kid friendly piggy backing off the camping theme.... Complete with berries, firewood, and ham and cheese sleeping bags.
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 For dessert even Mom and Dad enjoyed savoring the delicious dirt cups, shortbread teepee sugar cookies and out of this world chocolate birthday cake with butter cream cheese frosting. All the beautiful balloons created the perfect backdrop for pictures and for the kids to play with. I hope you grab some winter birthday party inspiration for our event.
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Wood Pencils, Glass Jards, Birth Straws, Minature Metal Pales, W
Weddingstar Inc.