Pregnant and Ready to Announce? Say it with Confetti!
February 26, 2017
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Confetti is appropriate for most celebrations, but maybe most appropriate for telling your friends and family a new little babe is on the way. Announce your impending arrival with this insanely cute DIY egg from Leslie Musser of One Brass Fox and prepare to let the confetti fly.
My husband and I recently discovered we are expecting our first child in May 2017. As it's the first grandchild on both sides of our family, we wanted to craft a significant, memorable announcement. This DIY Pregnancy Announcement Egg combined whimsy with a fun, interactive element that still allowed for a sentimental ending. For many reasons, it made the moments of sharing this news with our loved ones truly unforgettable.

Large toothpick/kabob skewer
Food coloring, water
Tissue paper in various colors
Glue stick
Strips of paper
Metallic Sharpie
Acrylic boxes

1. Carefully puncture the flatter end of the egg using a sharp object.

2. Insert the toothpick or kabob skewer to break the yolk and drain contents from the shell.

3. Rinse hollowed egg with water and soap.

4. Combine water and food coloring in medium bowl.

5. Submerge eggs in colored water and allow to sit for 30-60 seconds, absorbing color.

6. Allow eggs to dry completely.

7. Fill eggs with confetti.

8. Write chosen message (We chose a variety from "You're going to be a grandfather" to "Baby Musser is on it's way") on strip of paper. Curl and insert into egg.

9. Cut a small piece of tissue paper (in the same color as the egg dye) and glue over the hole.

10. Write "Crack Me" using Metallic sharpie on the side of the egg.

11. Fill acrylic box with raffia. Gently place egg on top.

12. Wrap ribbon around box for the finishing touch.

And when you are ready to announce Team boy or Team girl, we have a little something for that too...
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