How to Rid Your Home of an Ex without Throwing his stuff out a window
February 23, 2017
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Breakups are never fun but one good thing that can come out of that heartache is reclaiming your bedroom. Say adios to that lame band poster or the hand me down nightstand you never liked and give your sleeping space a gorgeous and 100% you revamp. Online Interior Design company, Laurel & Wolf, is dishing 5 easy tips for a post breakup redo sure to mend a wounded heart quicker than you can say ice cream and a Lifetime Movie Marathon.

Buy New Bedding

"Invest in some high quality linens that you love. Not only will these smell fresh and clean, but you will want something soft to cuddle you while you cry yourself to sleep for the next couple of months." says Laurel & Wolf Designer James Tabb.

Rid Your Room of Reminders

You can’t make a fresh start without first freshening up the spaces that you spend the most time in. “You'll always remember the good times, but it's time to clear your head by removing old mementos and replacing them with items that make you happy no matter what’s happening around you,” designer Kimberly Winthrop says. That means the framed photos and sweet gifts get stored out of eyesight and replaced with beautiful new art, photos of beloved friends and fam and pieces that remind you of all the things you love in your life.

Make "Me" Space

Now that you have some quality alone time on your hands, spend it doing the stuff that you’ve put off or always wanted to try. “Mark your territory by making a "me space" where you can read, journal, or plot your revenge,” says James.

Reclaim Your Style

One of the upsides to finding yourself newly single is not having to answer to anyone other than yourself, starting with the look and feel of your room. “Design using your favorite colors and indulge in soft textures and fabrics,” says Kimberly. Take advantage of the ability to make your room all about you. No compromises.

Give Your Bedroom a Fresh Coat of Paint

You don’t have to spend a lot to make a big change (save that for your wine and ice cream budget). A fresh coat of paint makes a big impact on a small budget. James recommends choosing a light and uplifting color, or one you’ve always gravitated towards.
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