A Dining Room Revamp for Former Bachelor Star Amanda Stanton
February 15, 2017
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This dining room revamp so embodies the sunny beach vibes of Southern California and it's perfect for one of our favorite Bachelor Stars, Amanda Stanton. She teamed up with Lulu & Georgia to infuse her home with bright, kid-friendly decor that still falls firmly in the bohemian chic category. Guess what? They nailed it! Tour the full space captured by Monica Wang right here!

What is your inspiration when it comes to decorating your home?

I feel like my inspiration comes from so many different things. The So Cal lifestyle & having a house full of girly girls definitely influences my interior decorating style. I also follow a lot of amazing interior decorators on Instagram and watch a lot of HGTV (Joanna Gaines is everything.)

How would you best describe your home style and aesthetic?

My home style and aesthetic is very clean, modern, girly and boho-chic.

What obstacles did you have when it came to deciding your dining room decor? How did you come to a happy medium?

An obstacle I faced with my dining room was making sure it was kid friendly. I loved the idea of white upholstered chairs but knew it wasn't practical with kids. Haha! I needed something that was sturdy and easy to clean, but also pretty and stylish. The white table and wood bench are perfect!

What is your number one brunch rule?

Always have sweet and savory options & a 90/10 champagne to OJ ratio.

If you were to choose a group of gals to brunch together, who would it be?

My group of girl friends! They're the best!

Describe in one word how you would want people to feel when they walk into your home.

Happy! Natural light is very important to me. I love how bright my home is. And the pops of color & fun prints put me in a good mood. I hope it does the same for everyone else!
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