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January 25, 2017
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This home of stationery extraordinaire Sara Fitz is so cozy and gorgeous no matter how you spin it, but do you want to know the first thing I noticed? The best ever play room. My jaw literally dropped. Organized, whimsical and stacked with built-in bunkbeds to boot; it fits right in with this beautiful yet unfussy home. It's a place where grownups can lounge and kids can play and they can cohabitate in the prettiest of spaces. Take the full tour captured by Brea McDonald right here.
When designing the interior spaces of our home, we took a casual, coastal approach. We went with a neutral palette of creams and sea foam with pops of color here and there. Having young boys and pups, it was imperative that our home be livable... Warm and inviting.
I'd say our favorite room in our house is the kitchen. With its central location, it tends to be the spot we find ourselves in most often. Our hope for the space was for it to feel like a French bakery meets commercial kitchen. 
We didn't shy away from subway tile and went with stainless finish whenever possible. But we were sure to incorporate meaningful pieces, such as an old farmhouse dining table and English pine hutch that belonged to Miles' late mom, to add character.
 Finding that balance between 'styled' and comfy was a priority for us. Our house is located just minutes from the ocean, and there's certainly a subtle 'beach house' feel to the decor. We've always enjoyed combining the old with the new -- whether it be a family heirloom piece (which we have plenty of!), or a treasure from an architectural salvage yard, it gives such an eclectic feel to combine clean lines and crisp whites with aged, more weathered elements.
 Our house is not stuffy... We don't worry about the floors... Our walls have been colored on with crayon many times, lol. It's important that our family enjoys spending time in our home, making memories and having fun. We also want guests to feel that way... Like they could curl up in a reading nook and relax with a cup of tea.
While I love color, pattern and texture in my day to day life as an artist and designer, I really tried to keep the aesthetics of this home understated and visually pretty calm.
Nantucket, Ma. Is a very special spot in the world for our family... Miles and I met, were engaged and married there. We both summered there as children and have a soft spot for the island. Paying homage to it whenever we can, either through accents of classic Nantucket red or memorabilia from the island, make us smile.
Overall we aimed to create an environment we never wanted to leave; a place that's kid-friendly and dog-friendly... One that celebrates the ocean and New England... A home that our boys will look back on fondly as adults-- and it seems, at least we hope, we achieved it.
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