Unicorns and Rainbows are What Party Dreams are Made of
January 6, 2017
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This birthday bash is what dreams are made of. Sprinkles, unicorns and rainbows are at the center of the festivities crafted by Morgan Hutchinson of BURU for her lucky little lady. Plus she's giving tips for crafting a balloon arch that slays without sending you to the looney bin in the process. Get your colorful party inspo with even more captured by Becky Kimball  in the VAULT.
For her daughter's 4th birthday, BURU founder Morgan Hutchinson wasn't going to forgo a big celebration - even though she was 37 weeks pregnant (!!). At her Salt Lake City, UT home, she created a rainbow-inpsired party complete with a pony, colored balloon arch, and a very pregnant mama.
I would start by saying that I truly believe most things on Pinterest are created exclusively for Pinterest - not necessarily for real parties created by busy mamas who will no doubt be making the project with the help of a toddler - which we all know is the opposite of a helper! Read below for my top three tips for creating a similar arch at your next party.
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Perfection is boring and doing something identical to someone else is too! I like Pinterest for inspiration, but it's important to put you own twist on it. For starters, this will make it easier to accept your work when it looks nothing like the Pin! For our arch, we didn't have an easy way to create and hang the chicken wire in a full rainbow shape, so we went with a more abstract approach. Symmetry is TOUGH so if you can avoid it, I say go for it!

When following the directions, know when to give up and go it your own way. For the arch, it suggested using a low heat glue gun to attach the first layer of the balloons. We had crazy wind that day and it was drying the glue too fast for the balloons to stick (and taking forever!!). Rather than keep trying because "that's what the instructions read", I said forget it (or something like that) and starting using white duck tape and heavy packing tape that I had on hand. As I wrote above, consider a back up plan (especially if you are making the project in your robe only a few hours before guests arrive like me!)

Give your toddler assistant a project that makes her feel important during the process (so you can actually finish!). While Brett (my fab hubby who supports all my ridiculous ideas) and I blew up all the balloons a few days ahead of time, we had Olive sort them by color and place in plastic bags. And, while I climbed up and down the ladder attaching the balloons with tape, Olive decorated the step ladder with said tape. Okay—so this wasn't a productive task, but it kept her busy and I actually finished with enough time to throw on a dress before the first guest arrived!