5 Must-Know Tips to Avoid Over-Bronzing Your Face
January 4, 2017
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Bronzer is a staple in my beauty routine year round but often times, with my slightly lighter skin tone during the winter, I have to remind myself not to overdo it. Raise your hand if you've ever walked out of the house looking like an oompa loompa without knowing it until hours later? Guilty. No more friends—with these 5 tips in your back pocket, over-bronzing will be a thing of the past.

Pick the Right Shade

It might not be that you're putting too much bronzer on, but that you've got your shade all wrong. When in doubt, always go a shade lighter than you think. For fair skin, duos or mosaic palettes in pale pink and tan are your ticket. For medium and olive skin tones, go for warm undertones—peach shades are perfect for you. For darker skin tones opt for deeper hues with accents of shimmer to bring out your natural glow.

The Correct Consistency

If you're finding that by the end of the day your 'tan' looks a little smeared like watercolor on your face, you might have the wrong consistency. Powder isn't right for everyone and can sometimes look cakey if you've got combination or oily skin. Try a cream bronzer if you run into this problem! On the other hand, if you're finding that cream doesn't cut it, try a matte bronzer without shimmer like this one for smooth results.

Use the Right Brush

One of the biggest mistakes made in applying bronzer is using the wrong brush. Think of it like this... dense = drama, loose = lovely. The denser brush you use, the more concentrated your bronzer will be on that area of your face. Bronzing is all about giving yourself a sweep of color, not full coverage like foundation, so you'll want to go with a looser, angled brush like this one for that just-walked-off-the-beach look. Also, remember to give that brush a tap before applying as well!

Mind Your Lighting

We've all been there... it's a dark rainy morning and the lighting in your bathroom is terrible to say the least. When you get to your brightly lit office? You look like you let a 5 year old have a go at your face with the makeup brush. Natural light is ideal when applying your bronzer, but when those sweet sun rays aren't shining, warm white light, like LED, is the next best thing.

Less is More

We've all heard the saying and it definitely rings true when it comes to bronzer. In most cases, if you look like you're over-bronzing, that's exactly what you're doing. Focus on the main areas of the face that naturally tan—the forehead, cheekbones, along your jawline and if you prefer, a touch down the bridge of your nose. A great way to make sure you're not overdoing it is by practicing on just one side of your face so you can see exactly how much drama you're adding.

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