5 Chic Ways to Organize Your Jewels
January 2, 2017
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When it comes time to organize jewelry, I'm usually a mess. Never let your necklaces and wads of rogue earrings get bunched up in a big, scary ball of metal again. Jillian of Sweet & Spark is breaking down 5 chic and simple ways to organize all those jewels. From small trinket dishes to large busts, this style savvy lady knows her stuff. She is the founder of an uber cool vintage jewelry company after all so you best believe, we're taking notes.
At Sweet & Spark, we believe that jewelry collections, like stories should be treasured over time. I think jewelry collections should be considered art, as no two will ever be the same. 
People always ask me how big my personal collection is and the truth is, is that it’s pretty curated and mostly reflects my love for statement earrings. 
Since jewelry is always the last thing to put on, it can be easy to forget and leave the house in the morning without. When you can easily see your collection at home, it’s easy to stay inspired and pull together the details. 
My hope is that your jewelry collection comes to reflect the milestones in your life and bring you joy forever. Here are a few of the ways that I love styling jewelry in my home.

5 ways to organize your jewels at home

Colorful, vintage ceramic dishes

I love picking up pretty painted vintage dishes on my jewelry buying travels and then styling them in the top drawer of my CB2 dresser to keep the dust off of the majority of my vintage earring collection. As you can see, the ones I keep here are usually more seasonal or special occasion driven. You can shop all of our vintage jewelry dishes and trays here, we add new ones every season!

Catch Alls on Nightstand

I also love to scatter vintage ceramic dishes on my nightstands as an easy catch all for whatever pair I wore that day as well as to display the pairs that I wear most often, like pierced studs.

Bracelet Bars

Bracelet bars (like this one here)  are a great great way to organize all of your bracelets in one place. I like to organize them by color story. Also, it can be a great way to lay out your idea for an arm stack and make sure it will look good before wearing! Here is a bracelet stacking 101 guide.

Brass vintage hooks and decor

These help anchor your jewelry display collection as well as show off some of your more colorful pieces. Hanging necklaces with longer chains helps them from getting tangled.

Bust Forms

I love styling short necklaces on short bust forms on my dresser and for long necklaces, they look better on a tall bust form like this one here. The more layered up the bust form is, the more inspiring! Plus the tall bust form is a great way to break up your collection and showcase in another vignette of your bedroom room.

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