Why Your Ponytail Never Looks As Good As Hers
December 29, 2016
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While we'll be the first to admit that ponytail envy isn't the biggest problem that we need to solve in 2017, the struggle IS actually real and as someone who loves to rock one daily, I have done my due diligence one why some ponies looks so damn cute and others fall a little flat. So for all of your lovelies out there that need a boost, we've got you covered with all of Her secrets that make her ponytail look gorgeous. And need more hair tips? Click here for our faves!

She's wearing the right ponytail for her face shape. Wait, what!? Yes, every face deserves a ponytail that flatters and doesn't fight. Here's the quick and dirty...

Round Face: Perky, High Ponytail + Teasing OR a Low, Side Ponytail
Square or Rectangular Jawline: Ponytail with Softness or Wispy Pieces
Heart Shape Face: Mid-height, Classic Ponytail + Bangs for Added Cuteness
Oval Face: Anything Goes

She didn't wash her hair. Or if she did, she applied a texturizer. Because the grit of day-old hair really adds a little extra oomph to an otherwise too-silky ponytail (which will easily sag and slip through the elastic). We love, love, love the Oribe Texturizing Spray and consider it the best of the best for ponytail mastery.

She teased the crown before securing. Which basically means that you tie the bottom half of your hair off with an elastic, while you add a little volume to the top by teasing it. Make sure to smooth the top layer out before undoing the lower half and securing all of your hair into a ponytail.

Need a more visual explanation? We thought this one was pretty great!

She's wearing an extension. An extension specifically made for ponytails. There are an enormous range of ponytail extensions that you can buy and they vary hugely in terms of price and quality. Our best advice is to splurge on a real hair version that you can brush, curl and wash the way you would your own hair. Heavy price tag but you get something that you can wear over and over again and it will still look incredible.

She's wearing TWO elastics. Not one. Two. Which is especially important if you have heavy or long hair that gets easily weighted down when put into a ponytail. The first one holds the hair together. The second one provides extra support and gives your ponytail a little extra lift.