How to Ditch the Pain that Comes with Being Beautiful
December 29, 2016
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Here it is. A new year upon us. A fresh slate. A chance to right our wrongs and blaze new trails. To teach our children or our nieces and nephews or our some-day littles that they are perfect just the way they are. But not without the dash of pain and torture that it takes to get to that so-called "perfect just way they are" place. So today, we're breaking down the painful beauty rituals that us ladies partake in every day and offering a few milder remedies for looking and FEELING your very best in the New Year. #beautyisNOTpain


So many things about heels, really. There's the blisters, the foot pain, the falling thru the grass and potentially ruining said heel, the balance factor that comes into play after a few or five cocktails. Well, for this high heel lover, SoleMates basically has me covered from beginning to end.

I use their heel protectors when I know I'm going to be outdoors. I use their blister blockers when I buy a pair of new shoes and I use their shoe essentials for extra comfort. After all, you often lose the fat in your feet that protect your stems as you age and this spring chicken isn't getting any younger. But the total heel transformation that I've had since discovering SoleMates has been pretty epic.


Whether we're talking lasers, waxing, tweezing or threading...any time you pull hair out of your skin by the root, well, it's going to hurt like a mother. So you have a few options.

Have a cocktail or two. It will help or at least help make you laugh while crying. Rub numbing lotion on the area 30 minutes prior to the session. We hear this one really works. Or just skip it all together because A. full eyebrows are a thing and B. even if studies show that guys like a little less hair down there than God gave us, we did our own study (by asking our husbands) and it appears that he's going to take what he can get when he gets it. So there's that.


For anyone that has ever sat down and endured the tedious application of hair extensions you know that it's not as fun as it sounds. Although to be honest, it doesn't really sound fun so that's not an entirely accurate statement. While hair extensions can do WONDERS for your look, it's a commitment, it takes time and there is a certain level of discomfort and/or pain involved.

Instead? Check out of FAVORITE line of extensions ever that can be quickly clipped in and that I've worn over and over for various photoshoots or nights out with the girls. Made of real hair with gorgeous colors that you'll love, they are the best out there and worth every last penny.


I got Botox for the first time a few months ago. It was good and bad at the same time. While it didn't really hurt that much upon injection, I could actually "feel" my forehead for weeks after. Which is a weird and not-so-pleasant sensation that I didn't love. Fillers are another ballgame entirely and from what we understand, they aren't necessarily a walk in the park.

So what can we do instead, aside from just allowing ourselves to age gracefully? Well, a few things. None of which have the same insta-ish impact of Botox, but all of which have pretty rave reviews.

Botox: Use Frownies, wrinkle treatment patches that you adhere to your face where they "re-educate the underlying muscles to assume a wrinkle free appearance."

Fillers: If the filler is going into your lips, try using peppermint oil instead as a natural plumper. If you're wanting to find an alternative to facial filler, try one of the products that beauty companies are sinking millions into like L'Oreal's Revitalift line or Indeed Lab's Fillume Moisturizer.

And keep your eyes on the idea of taking collagen supplements for wrinkle reductions OR preventative moisturizing targeting wrinkle prone areas with intense moisture before the wrinkle fully forms. Total Beauty also ranked 8 products that they think work better than botox so there's that too.


Here's the only thing we're going to say about dieting. We all do it. And it always sucks. Our resolution for the New Year is to find peace with food. To ditch the diet and instead adopt a whole life approach that leaves room for ice cream and pizza but that sticks primarily with food that fuels us to actually FEEL good rather than just look good.

I know, it's a cop out tip but it's probably the most important of the bunch and the one to which we need to stay the most sane. The end.


While the results you can get from a good facial peel are often well worth the pain that goes into them, I made the decision after having my first daughter that I was not at all interested in the whole Beauty is Pain mantra thus I've been on an 8 year hunt for ALL good alternatives.

Well, the good news is that 1. many chemical peels are nearly pain-free these days despite the scary sights you might see upon asking Dr. Google (want proof? google Vampire Facial) though that doesn't mean totally pain free. Even the at-home versions do warn about a burning sensation.

Alternatives? Pineapple and Lemon juice have skin-nourishing enzymes and natural citric acid (respectively) that will leave skin feeling fresh and renewed. And if you want to get a little more aggressive without getting too aggressive, try Dermaplaning - basically a small scalpel that gently scrapes the top layer of skin off (often to get those pesky peach fuzz hairs but another benefit being that it sluffs off the dead skin to reveal the gorgeous layer underneath) Sounds scary but we've heard great things and not one person experienced pain. My bestie, who runs the amazing Glow Medical Spa in Savannah says that it's in their top 5 most requested treatments!


You know those girls that say they prefer the comfort of thongs to regular ole undies. They are lying. Or they've been wearing thongs for so long they don't remember what real comfort feels like. So for those of you that embrace the granny panty but don't want the dreaded VPL (visible panty line), here are a few options...

One, go commando. Though as PantyGate on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills proves, that too has its own set of problems.

Two, go for a seamless style like these from VS or the No Panty Line Promise line from Jockey. Which probably will still show a subtle line but it won't be as intrusive as the standard fare.

Three, just skip straight to the Spanx. Which leads us to the next pain point.


I am a self admitted Spanx addict. In fact, when I do public appearances, I used to wear two layered on top of each other until I realized that my knees were looking a little chubby seeing that the skin had nowhere else to go but north or south (just kidding...sort of). That said, while I know in my heart that I will never stray from shapewear, I totally get that it's not everyone's cup. Instead, you can focus on buying clothes that make you look amazing rather than relying on the undergarments to do all of the heavy lifting. A few quick tips?

-Buy clothes one size up then have them tailored to fit. And on that note, be mindful that even though you fit into a size 6, the 8 looks ten times better and makes you look 10 pounds thinner. So take your ego out of the number.

-Wear high waisted pants. I love my high waisted jeans because they keep my belly in check without any additional support needed.

-Embrace the season's trend of tone on tops paired with blue jeans, black slacks paired with textured black sweaters. Tone on tone creates an elongated effect that is so slimming.

-Rock a cute coat. Always a good thing.

-Embrace the fact that you are GORGEOUS with or without curves.


Whether we're talking push-up bras, skinny painted on jeans or Hervé Leger inspired bandaid dresses we are starting a movement to ditch clothes that just plain hurt. But here's a little secret before you go overboard with the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. You ready? MOST of the time, clothes hurt because they don't fit properly!

Solution? Finally get yourself fitted for a bra. Find a really good tailor. Buy clothes that have room to breathe. It's that easy, people.