Up Your Cold Weather Curb Appeal with this DIY Winter Wreath
December 21, 2016
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Wreaths aren't just for the holidays. We come from the camp that wreaths can adorn your door all year long if styled right. This pretty DIY from AvaFlora + Cadence Kennedy  is super easy to recreate and bonus, it's adorned with the loveliest velvet ribbon.  So go ahead and get your wreath on with this winter version that will take your cold weather curb appeal to the next level.

Floral Clippers
Ribbon Shears
Green Floral Sticks
Grape Vine Wreath
2-3 Varieties of greens (either evergreens and eucalyptus or both!)
Pine Cones
Tallow Berries
Velvet Ribbon

Determine the shape of your design. Decide if you prefer a traditionally styled wreath or a design that is more organic and whimsical. The possibilities are endless so try to envision the direction of your design first. We love to create wreaths that are natural with an asymmetrical shape and using grape vine as a frame easily helps achieve that look.

Select your greens. We recommend mixing it up with different varieties of both evergreens and eucalyptus. Not only do they dry well they also have delicious fragrances. In this wreath we used a combination of coned cedar, shore pine, and eucalyptus with pods.

Select your embellishments. Elements such as pine cones, silver bell pods and tallow berries are some of our top favorites! They are seasonal, enhancing a natural, wintery look. If you are using pine cones it is helpful to wrap wire around the bottom of the pine cone, twist the wire tight, and then wrapping the wire to a green floral stick to create a stem.

Starting with your greens, insert 4-5" worth of stem length into the weaving of the grape vines. Be sure to insert your greens on an angle so that the stems are secure. Once all of your greens are in place add your embellishments in groupings or clusters in a few spots throughout the wreath.

The last step is to finish off your design with some beautiful ribbon. Velvet ribbons are our go-to for the holiday season. We love to either tie the ribbons from the top or the bottom of the wreath with a simple knot, letting the streamers hang.
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