A Gorgeous New Way to Decorate Your Tree with Blooms
December 20, 2016
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We've seen bows, ribbons, tinsel and tassels but this floral decor is a new one and oh is it a beauty. Forgo the usual suspects of Christmas Tree decorating and opt to decorate with fresh blooms this year. Genius, right? Kendall Simmons is showing us how to achieve the look below. And if you missed it, check out her 5 tips for infusing your holiday with color along with more pretty pics from Alyssa Rosenheck right here.

  • 4-5 types of fresh flower blooms.

  • Individual flower water tubes - available at your local flower wholesaler or you can do what I do and order them in bulk online!

  • Your Christmas tree, already decorated to your liking.


Choose fresh flowers that make you happy and compliment your Christmas colors and decor. I chose cabbage roses, fuchsia peonies, seeded eucalyptus and lavender because my Christmas decor is in bright, non-traditional colors. Check online for a wholesale flower supplier near you, or you can have surprisingly great luck at your local grocery store!

Trim your flower stems to approximately 9” from the base of the bloom.

Fill your flower tubes halfway with water, then put one tube on the end of each flower stem.

Gather your assorted blooms (with their flower water tubes already attached) into bunches the size of small bouquets.

Take one bunch and insert them into your Christmas tree branches, one stem at a time. If your tree is dense, the flower stems will hold their location on their own. If your tree is more sparse, you may need the help of some green floral wire to hold the stems in place.

Repeat the process with each bunch of flowers, equally spacing them throughout your tree. The exact number of flower bunches is up to you, but for my 8 foot tall Christmas tree, I used a total of 12 flower bunches.

Enjoy! Though the flowers won’t last the entire holiday season, they’re a lovely addition to your tree for holiday parties or Christmas morning!
Photography: Alyssa Rosenheck Photography | Aqua Watercolor Gift Wrap: Paper Source | Black and White striped Rug: One Kings Lane | Holiday Decor: Kendall Simmons | Hot Pink Ottoman: Shop Vintage Sparkle | Interior Design: Kendall Simmons | Red Dots Patterned Gift Wrap: Wink Wink Paper Co | Ribbon: Paper Source | Speckle Gift Wrap: Bash Party Goods