A Festive Holiday Cocktail that will put Those Copper Mugs to Good Use
December 14, 2016
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Grab those copper mugs ladies and gents because Chrissy McDonald of Harlow James and Torrey Fox Photography have got just the ticket to put those puppies to use. This Pomegranate Mule is not only festive and gourmet style deliciousness but it also comes packing a bonus treat. Fig infused vodka...umm yum! Snag the recipes for both below and get ready for a serious Holiday Mule upgrade.
It's that time of year again, the surge of holiday parties! To shake things up a bit, Torrey and I wanted to create an easy cocktail with a festive touch. By adding simple garnishes such as a sliced fig on a skewer or fresh berries the drink was instantly elevated. This recipe is perfect for a holiday party, but works for any occasion!

Pomegranate Mule with Fig Infused Vodka


2 ounces fig infused vodka
3 ounces pomegranate juice
Fresh lime juice (1/2 lime)
12 ounces Ginger Beer
Pomegranate seeds for garnish
Fresh fig for garnish


Combine ingredients in copper mug and top with crushed ice.

Garnish with fig slice on a skewer.

Fig infused vodka


Bottle of Vodka
10-12 figs


Pour bottle of vodka into an airtight container.

Remove skin from 10-12 figs, slice in quarters and drop into vodka.

Seal tightly and leave on the counter (or at room temperature outside of direct sunlight) for at least 2-3 days.*

Shake the jar once or twice a day to move everything around.

Once you have the flavor you want, use a cheesecloth to strain all of the fruit pieces left in the vodka.

*You can leave the fruit in the longer, the stronger you want the flavor to be.