The Perfect DIY Gift for Your First Christmas as Newlyweds
December 11, 2016
United Kingdom
Combine a love for Christmas, calligraphy and all things sentimental and you get this genius DIY vow ornament. Crafted by Extraordinary Days Events, it's perfect for your very first holiday together as newlyweds and such a special way to look back on your vows for years to come. Adorbs, right? Get the step-by-step below and see more captured by Kate Nielen Photography in The Vault!
From Meghan of Extraordinary Days... One of my favorite wedding traditions is the exchange of love notes by the bride and groom on the wedding morning. The weeks leading up to your wedding can sometimes be filled with family stresses, administrative headaches, and last-minute DIY projects. The act of sitting in a quiet room to write a heart-felt note to your soon to be husband or wife really brings everything back into perspective. These wedding morning notes are always filled with pure love, promises, anticipation, and joy. Then, after the wedding they are often packed up and forgotten. So, I started thinking about ways to honour these treasures. One of my favorite ways is to turn them into Christmas ornaments. That way, these private love notes can be pulled out each year for all those promises and emotions to be remembered by each of you.

Your notes to each other
A see-through ornament

First, copy your notes onto the paper you have chosen for your ornament. For these, I had a calligrapher write the notes onto burgundy paper. If you don’t know a calligrapher, there are a lot on Etsy! Just, send them your text and paper colour choice and they will return a beautifully written letter!

Next, insert the paper into your ornament. For this, you can either put it in a frame so it is easily read. Or, if you would like to keep them private, roll the note up and insert it into a clear globe.

Finally, tie a ribbon onto your ornament. These, make a perfect “first-married-Christmas” gift and can decorate your Christmas tree or home for years to come.