The Secret to Making Your Home Look More Worldly
November 28, 2016
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If you are a lover of travel or at least love decor that looks like it came from a far off locale then heed the advice of Kelly Framel. She is the creative director, stylist and founder of The Glamourai and knows a thing or two about crafting a home that would spark anyone's wanderlust. She recently refreshed her NYC apartment with the help of Homegoods and the result is a gorgeous pied-a-terre.
Kelly Framel – creative director, stylist and founder of The Glamourai – teamed up with HomeGoods to refresh her New York City apartment while highlighting her most cherished collections from her travels. Splitting her time between cities and frequently traveling worldwide, Kelly looked to transform her quaint Manhattan studio into a luxurious pied-à-terre that’s functional, colorful and reflective of her globetrotting adventures. See below for her advice on how to incorporate your most cherished souvenirs and personal items into your décor look, even in the coziest of homes.

1. Remember that your home should always be evolving, just as you are

I am constantly picking up new treasures on my travels. Your nest should always be a place of comfort and inspiration; it’s a constant work in progress. I’m always editing my space, but I’ve kept several cherished pieces that I’ve collected over the years, and give them new life by simply rearranging! For a fresh look I picked up a few trays from HomeGoods – like a luxurious, gilded tray and a hand-woven, Aztec-print one – to display my favorite mementos in plain view. Trays like these are an affordable way to deliver texture, color, form and order throughout a space.

2. Curtains aren’t just for window-dressing, and color adds drama

I use richly-colored velvet curtains liberally throughout my homes; they bring a comfortable luxury to any room. I used a green velvet curtain to transform our studio apartment into a one bedroom with a spacious walk-in closet. Bonus – tucking a few slim boxes within the lush curtains provides much-needed secret storage, perfect for small space living.

3. Lighting is the jewelry of a room

Go bold with lamps and chandeliers to make people look up! In our space, I’ve paired vintage fixtures with affordable lighting options from places like HomeGoods – for a look that’s polished but still eclectic.

4. In small spaces, storage and scale are crucial to making your prized possessions shine.

Our cozy New York apartment works as a highly functional pied- à-terre thanks to a plethora of cabinets, hutches, trunks and chests of drawers in varying sizes – many of which double as coffee tables or bookshelves to showcase art, books and ornaments. Scale is so important in creating an environment that feels airier and less cramped, even down to the art you choose. I love using large-scale artworks in small spaces; it gives grandeur and gravitas and opens up the room.

5. Invest in quality kitchenware, and it can serve as decor, too!

My partner Zach is an incredible chef. He spends hours in our tiny kitchen perfecting his craft, so we wanted the space to be both functional and beautiful. Together, we picked out these spectacular copper pots from HomeGoods and hung them above the stove. We use them to try to recreate some of the most memorable meals we’ve had on our travels, as we’re always inspired by new cultures and cuisines!
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