The Perfect Cocktail for Your Halloween Festivities
October 29, 2016
Festive cocktails are our favorite thing on the planet. If there's a party, you best believe we have the perfect sip in hand. And this Black Sangria from The Whisking Kitchen? It has just the right amount of moody cocktail vibes for Halloween celebrations. Brew up a batch this weekend with the simple recipe below! Click here for even more Halloween related inspo.
Hocus Pocus has led me to this spooky black sangria! It’s filled with all the black fruits I could find, tons of red wine and brandy. If I was a Sanderson Sister this is what I would certainly be guzzling down on all-hallows-eve.
This sangria is perfectly paired with a cheeseboard for your halloween get togethers. Break out some vintage glasses to get that ultimate witchy feel! And if you’re really going all out you could serve it in a punch bowl with some dry ice behind it for that great smoky effect and you will certainly have a “witches brew” situation.
Black Sangria
Prep Time
70 Minutes
Cook Time
Total Time
70 Minutes
3 Black plums, sliced 1 Cup of blackberries
? Cup of pomegranate aerials 2 Cups of black grapes
2 Cups of red wine, such as cabernet sauvignon 1 Cup of brandy
2 Cups of Pomegranate juice
In a large pitcher fill with fruit slices, brandy, pomegranate juice and red wine.
Stir well and chill for one hour before serving.