These Food Stars are Sharing the Secret Recipe for a Killer Cocktail Party
October 21, 2016
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Food mavens and culinary masterminds are just a few of the ways to describe these all stars. Ayesha Curry of Food Network fame and Amanda Haas, culinary director of Williams Sonoma joined creative forces with Sunset magazine to bring you the 5 step process to throwing a killer cocktail party. And if we had to add a sixth tip, it would most certainly be don a ridiculously cute skirt. Get the scoop on mastering the art of stress-free cocktailing, plus a tried and true recipe coming up next!

the Recipe for a Killer Cocktail Party


Set a schedule

“Draw up a list of tasks and add how much time each will take, so you leave enough time to do everything,” urges Amanda. “On party day, add time to nap.”

Loosen up

“Include a personal touch so people know you’re not taking entertaining too seriously,” says Amanda. Her suggestion: kid-drawn recipe labels or nametags.

Make a mocktail

Ayesha always makes a festive, nonalcoholic sip. “I have kids! And a lot of pregnant friends,” she says. “Substituting the alcohol with a refreshing fruit purée and a touch of fizz makes all the difference.”

Make cooking part of the fun

Get your guests involved in the cooking, like making biscuits, suggests Ayesha. “I like getting people’s hands dirty.”

Deputize a DJ

For music, “delegate to a friend who’s a music fanatic and ask for fun, festive, and upbeat,” says Amanda. “When in doubt … Adele!” adds Ayesha.
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Photography: Thomas J. Story for Sunset Magazine | Original Story: Sunset Magazine