This Chic Office Makes Working with Your Love Look Beyond Dreamy
October 12, 2016
North America
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For the creatives behind Ashley & Malone, working with your significant other looks beyond dreamy. And this glammed up office is the proof. A sleek white backdrop, a pop of pink sofa, perfectly edited desks and all the pretty vignettes you could possibly imagine – that's just a bit of what you'll find in this creative workspace. Take the full tour captured by Krista Fox Photography right here.
The Ashley & Malone office is a space for us to work as a team, collaborate on exciting new projects, welcome our clients into a space that’s inspiring and hopefully foster our company culture in a bright environment. 
Ashley & Malone began with the dream of building a boutique agency that better served the creative industry. A loving team who believed that design didn't have to be complicated and development didn't mean confusion for our clients.
The journey behind Ashley & Malone didn't just happen one day, it was shaped by years of late nights and hard work, but also a unique story of the love of Ashley and Dallas, a husband and wife duo who fell in love during our last semester of design school.
After a few years of courtship, long distance between Dallas’s home in The Bahamas, and finally a move to Ashley’s hometown, we were married in 2012. Since graduation, we had run a successful freelance business where I designed and Dallas developed. It largely served corporate clients and to say I was uninspired was an understatement.
 We were both working full-time jobs and ran our company in the evenings and weekends. I was happy, but something felt like it was missing... Why was I working every night after work to design projects that I wasn’t passionate about? During our wedding, I was so inspired by the creativity and beauty found in the wedding industry. The people who we worked for were fun, female entrepreneurs who valued stunning design but also lacked the know-how and experience in graphic design and code.
I can remember a few times when our vendors reached out to us in a panic saying their website crashed or a simple change they wanted to make wasn’t possible because their developer was MIA. Alas, Dallas would come to the rescue and fix whatever problem they were having. I didn’t realize how valuable it was having a coding pro that wasn’t going anywhere.
The idea for Ashley & Malone came to life. We slowly transitioned our freelance business and setup a landing page for our new venture – A design agency that catered to creative entrepreneurs, wedding pros and bloggers. It was built on the concept of having a creative, reliable and personal approach to branding and website design.
 Before we knew it, we were booking one, two and now six months in advance. After a year and a half of building the business out of our home, we made the jump and signed an office lease. I maintained my flexible full-time job, and Dallas soon left his gig to work for the company full-time.
Nine months later, I left my cushy job and hired our first Office Manager. Six months later we hired on a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. We’re now a happy little team of five (hopefully forever) and I couldn't’ picture it any other way. This office shoot was a way for us to celebrate where we have been and where we are going.
To more intentionally showcase the story behind Ashley & Malone and honor our incredible team. The business has changed so much in the last 3 years, we service small and large clients and really wanted to communicate that to our following. A few noteworthy partnerships have been with The Body Book (by Cameron Diaz), Lover. Ly and Inspired By This.
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