Secrets to making big things happen in your career
September 26, 2016
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If there are two women who know the ins and outs to career building, it's Jessica Camerata and Cathy Anderson. From their individual style blogs to a shared venture, The Blog Societies, they've proven time and again, they have what it takes to succeed in the business world. And they aren't afraid to share their secrets. Read up on their tried and true tips for making big things happen in your career.
Jessica Camerata and Cathy Anderson know what it takes to make big things happen in your career. After all, they have both experienced much success with their individual style blogs, My Style Vita and Poor Little It Girl. But after seeing a direct void in the market for a digital space where bloggers could connect and grow their blogs, they knew that this was a way that they could make their mark on the world and further advance their careers.
Together they launched The Blog Societies, an online community of active digital publishers (at last count, there were 425 members!), in 2013. The Blog Societies started out as the Southern Blog Society, but soon after expanded to incorporate five regions in the U. S.: Southern, Southwest, Northeast, Midwest and Northwest. This, in addition to continuing to run their own blogs. With this success and newfound knowledge under their belts, they're taking time to share their collective secrets to finding career success.

Make Connections & Join A Network

You'll never know when you need to lean on someone until you desperately need it. Having a great network of supportive like-minded people is essential to forging ahead in your career. We've found that connecting with others via a network, like The Blog Societies, can provide you with the tools, exposure and inspiration to work harder and make big things happen.

Seek Out Education

A big secret to success is understanding and embracing the notion that we truly never stop learning. Whether it's attending a workshop when you have a free weeknight at General Assembly or attending a full blown conference, seeking out education can not only boost your morale, but it can allow you to expand upon and hone in on your expertise.

Be Ambitious & Passionate

We've learned that finding success in our careers has often been the result of believing in ourselves and taking a big leap. There are no guarantees and the road ahead isn't always easy. But it turns out that hard work and dedication are stepping stones to success. Be ambitious. Take on that extra project outside of your comfort zone. Be passionate. Share your love for what you do with the world. Just remember that whatever you do, do it well. No one notices the person who didn't go above and beyond or who wasn't the first to raise their hand to volunteer. Be that person.

Be Kind & Have Integrity

Kindness and integrity get noticed. Simple, but powerful. Be kind to yourself and to others. Being friendly, considerate and generous will take you places! And always operate with the highest level of integrity. It's amazing how simple it is, but it can completely transform a situation, which is why we consider it a secret of our success.

Use Your Previous Experience To Your Advantage

Whether your previous experience was working a retail job, serving at a restaurant, or working in a totally different industry - take what you've learned and use it to your advantage! Apply that knowledge and those key skills to help you find success in what you're doing.

Have Realistic Expectations

Even if you know you're doing a great job, chances are that others won't be applauding you for every little thing you do right. And that's ok! Set your own expectations, cheer yourself on, and understand that it may take time for others to take note. And once they do - the sky is the limit!
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