Learn How to Throw the Ultimate (+ Gorgeous) Kids' Party
September 6, 2016
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We first fell in love with Sweet Vivian's nursery. It's one of our favorites to date and now her 1st birthday, planned by mama bear and Lulu & Georgia founder, Sara Sugarman,along with the ladies of Beijos Events is swooping in as favorite 1st birthday of all time. But it gets better, they're dishing up 10 tips for crafting the most gorgeous kids' party. See even more captured by Lova Ala in the VAULT.

Rugs. Kids like to play on the floor. Rugs add softness and keep an outdoor floor cool but they also add pattern and color to a space. For our party, having them really helped bring the Italian Riviera theme to The Fig House. We incorporated plenty of blue and white rugs featuring Italian motifs. It made the event space look cohesive and was the perfect play area for the babies.

Fun party favors. We gifted the kids one of our favorite books, Mangia Mangia. It teaches kids all about Italian food, so it was perfect for our party theme. We gave each of the adults olive oil with rosemary and a sweet note from Vivi. I think the best party favors are simple, yet special mementos reminiscent of that day.

Paperie. Beautiful paper products can help tie the theme of an event together. We designed a gorgeous blue floral pattern for the invitation, paper placemats, cocktail napkins, ice cream cups, party favor notes and thank you cards. It made different components of the party feel connected and cohesive.

Lounge area. I love having a separate area where the adults can sit, relax and enjoy a drink. We used our Phinny Daybed as the main piece and paired it with some other summery, wooden elements. We scattered a lot of poufs, floor cushions, and pillows to make it feel cozy and inviting.

Beautiful desserts. No kids party is complete without a cake, and the dessert table was the highlight of the event. We bought a simple white cake from Susie Cakes and decorated it with tons flowers, and topped it off with a sweet Viva La Vivi cake topper from The Roc Shop. We also included a selection of Italian desserts (cannolis being one of my favorite treats). Finally, no Italian party is complete without a scoop of gelato. Carmela served up a variety of flavors from her charming Ice Cream cart, which was much appreciated in the August heat!


Find a fun theme or at least a strong color scheme! There are so many different directions to go, but if you have a good solid theme that you are set on and can build from it will all come together. On that note, you never want to get too "themed", mix what your theme is with things that you would have for an adult party or event, that way it's not too much because too much of something can be a bad thing and lead to some cheesiness... For example, with this party we incorporated pretty greenery and wooden signage so it was a bit more classic, almost like something you would see at a wedding!

Personalize it! We love adding little details with all of our events, but when it comes to a kid's birthday party you want to have things personalized for your little one! Having things like cocktail stirrers with the age your child is turning, a cake topper with their name on it, and especially signage! Custom signs with details about what your child is up to at this age or with photos of them throughout their last year are always a fun touch and interesting for your guests to look at. Personalized details are always a special addition to any event.

Florals make it all better! Although it can be a pricey addition, florals are a real wow factor! And if you want to make a party beautiful, well, we can't really think of a better way! If you are on a budget and can't hire a florist, you can definitely still make it happen! Whole Foods or Trader Joe's has a great selection of florals to choose from, and adding in succulents from Home Depot is always a somewhat easy and economical addition as well. However if you can, hiring a florist saves a lot of time for you to enjoy your event, you can always work with your florist to choose flowers that are more in budget and add lots of greenery to keep costs low!

Atmosphere is everything! When choosing where to have your party really think about your guests, for a kids birthday party especially. Fun is the main factor here and outdoors is usually best. If you have a backyard, that's great! If not you may want to consider hosting at a park or at a venue that has space for the kids to play and interact. There are lots of options to making your event pretty outside and it allows for a beautiful backdrop with lots of pretty greenery and sunlight. You also want to have fun activities and things for your guests to do, whether it's a ball pit or jump house, you definitely want something to keep those kids entertained. Let's be honest, jump houses are not the prettiest addition to a party but they are a whole lot of fun for the guests and in the end you want your party to also be memorable, and having a good time will guarantee that.

Hire a photographer! Trust us, we know, it's definitely a luxury, but it's worth it... Especially if it's a memorable birthday like a first birthday, you don't want to add more stress to your plate by trying to capture all the amazing details and moments. This is your party too, so enjoy yourself and let a professional take care of the rest. This way you will have all of your hard work and memories saved to enjoy for years to come, and with a professional behind the lens it will look that much prettier!
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