Do Away with Matchy-Matchy and Mix Metals Like a True Designer
August 31, 2016
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Gone are the days of matchy-matchy and in is a cool eclectic look filled with mixed metals. From kitchens to bathrooms and cozy living spaces too, we're seeing this trend pop-up everywhere. But mingling different finishes can be tough to maneuver. Not sure how to blend brass and chrome seamlessly? Try these five tips from expert metal mixers, Studio McGee.
From Studio McGee... We love mixing metal finishes to give a more eclectic look, but it's easier said than done! We receive lots of questions from clients and followers about mixing finishes. Is it okay to mix metals? How many can I put in one room? Which finishes work best? We LOVE the contrast and variety mixed metals create in a space. Over time, we have discovered that there really is a method to our madness! So today, we're breaking out of the matchy-matchy, and giving you our guide to mixing metals!

Choose one dominant metal and use the other metal as an accent.

Separate metals by height. All items on a similar plane should be the same metal.

Juxtapose cool and warm tones.

Mix 2-3 metal finishes in a space. And remember, black goes with everything!

Create balance. Spread the dominant finish throughout the room.
Design and Styling: Studio McGee | Photography: One: Travis J Photography | Two: Becky Kimball | Three: Travis J Photography | Four: Studio McGee | Five: Lindsay Salazar