This Might Be the Coolest Office Space We've Ever Seen. No, it Is
August 26, 2016
Can we live here? Please? Giving the Create + Cultivate Head Quarters a cool, luxurious vibe is one way to make sure people are paying attention to your mission. And it's a mission worth paying attention to. Inspired by the brand's work and their ability to understand beauty, Veronica Valencia hand-crafted a creative mecca for a business that empowers female entrepreneurs. We like it. A lot. See all the beautiful wallpaper and brass moments captured by Love Ala  right here in the VAULT.
I have been a friend of Jaclyn Johnson and the Create + Cultivate ladies for quite a few years and when Jackie approached me to design their new headquarters it was an immediate YES! I have always been such an admirer of their company.
Their mission is such an inspiring movement for female entrepreneurs. So when given the opportunity to give back through creating an inspiring space for these kick ass women, it was a no brainer!
For starters, Create + Cultivate understands the importance of creating instagrammable moments. When pulling inspiration, I reflected on the events they put on throughout the year and looked to the imagery they had captured to build an idea of how to approach the project.

 Finding the perfect bold wallpaper was key! I have been wanting to use the moody floral paper from Ellie Cashman for quite some time and I was extremely pleased with how everything turned out. Their space in Atwater has incredible lighting, it’s a 3 story industrial loft with a large roof top.
 Making the headquarters feel inviting for guests was important to the C + C team. Between all of the vendors and partners Jaclyn and myself brought on board, I am extremely pleased with the final product.
In regards to the spaces I designed, I was responsible for the main office, Jacyln’s office, the Guest Room (for out of towners) and the rooftop for parties and events.
 Incorporating live plants was INTEGRAL for the design of the loft. With such a large space, incorporating oversized palms and cacti, especially in such a modern industrial setting, truly helped soften the edges in the space.
All of our furniture was from CB2, Shop Candelabra and High Fashion Home, keeping them all modern and in the same color palette, with black, white and brass accents was also important. Especially when the backdrop of the room was as bold as we went with the wallpaper from Ellie Cashman and Anewall.
In office spaces, I love to use dining and living room furniture. Office furniture can sometimes be a bit small in scale for these areas. Using larger pieces that could be carried into other rooms was an extra bonus. For example, instead of a desk, I used a dining room table, her guest chairs are dining room chairs and her office storage is a entertainment console.
Your office environment is so important, especially when you are a creative. Being able to bring in elements that would provide that extra push was important. The cherry on top of the cake was all of the oversized prints from Artfully Walls and Framebridge of various women we hung throughout the loft. I felt it was a perfect way to capture what the company has set out to do... Promote women on a large scale.
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