The Cutest Birthday Party Theme Your Kid will Remember Forever!
August 18, 2016
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When your Mama is an event planner for a living, beautiful birthday bashes are bound to be in the cards for life. And when said Mama happens to be Katie of Laurie Arons Special Events, you get out-of-this-world adorable details like these from her daughter's 'Camp Campbell' birthday. Complete with s'mores cupcakes, a cutie logo from Amber Moon Design, a canoe ride and this genius tent cake, Leo Patrone Photography captured all of the fun—see more in The Vault!
From Katie of Laurie Arons Special Events... Campbell decided she wanted a camping party to celebrate her 4th birthday, when she realized her name was spelled "camp-bell". That and the fact that camping includes s'mores! The cabin in mill valley, California made for the perfect camp site, complete with a rustic cabin, picnic tables and a mini redwood grove for our tent village.
Shelter co. Canvas huckleberry tents were just the right size for our pint-size campers. As campbell's friends arrived, they picked up their 'camping supplies' - a canvas backpack stenciled with the camp campbell logo, and filled with essentials like a custom canteen, toy binoculars, flashlights and compasses.
Amber moon designed the logo for camp campbell featuring canoe paddles, so birthday girl and her dad made their way down stream to the party in a vintage canoe. The hand-crafted canoe then became a fun place to practice paddling on land for the rest of the party. Amber also created canoe paddle stir sticks for the adults' beverages. Canoe-shaped pb&js along with homemade granola bars, trail mix & watermelon served as our snacks.
Campers gathered round the campfire for a sing-a-long by a local children's musician. Afterward, it was s'mores time. Because fire and four-year-olds don't always mix, we opted for s'mores cupcakes with toasted marshmallow frosting, instead of the old-fashioned version. Campbell's friends then sang happy birthday around a tent-shaped cake.
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Photography: Leo Patrone Photography | Event Planning: Katie & Laurie of Laurie Arons Special Events | Graphic Design: Amber Moon Design | Camping Stools: Teak & Lace | Campfire Singer: Megan Schoenbohm of Mini-Music | Venue: The Cabin | Tents: Shelter Co | Vintage Canoe: Canoe Jack | Invitations: Paper by Paperless Post