Did Someone Say Watermelon Sprinkles?
August 3, 2016
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When regular sprinkles just won't do, try this watermelon version of our most favorite party topping. We gladly throw sprinkles on anything and everything. And we mean everything. But with this fruity flair, that everything just got a whole lot cuter. Can you even handle these little watermelons? Too cute is an understatement. For more dessert ideas, head right this way.


To make Royal Icing, wisk together 3 T meringue powder and 6 T water

Add 1 lb confectioners sugar mix on medium speed in stand mixer for 10 minutes.

Add water or confectioners sugar as needed to get the consistency you need. Our idea of perfect-for-sprinkles royal icing is a consistency that will slowly run off a spoon and fall in on itself in about 10 seconds. If you run a knife through it, the knife mark will be gone in about 10-15 seconds.

Divide into 2 batches. Add pink food coloring (or a couple of drops of red) in one batch and green in another.

Using your pink icing, pipe a half circle. Repeat as many times as you want watermelons. Outline the round portion of your half circle with the green icing, making sure the two colors are touching. Let dry for 24 hours.

Using your food writer, add small lines or dots to create the watermelon seeds.

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