Just When We thought S'mores Couldn't Get Any Better, This Happened
July 23, 2016
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Just when we thought s'mores couldn't possibly get any better, this marrying of ice cream and that classic marshmallow treat happened. The S'mores Ice Cream Tart is the yummiest dessert that will probably ever come in contact with your mouth. Trust us. Take your s'mores dessert up a notch this summer with this yummiest of treats. Psst... find more delicious dessert ideas this way.

Some substitutions or additions to take this already good dessert up a notch:

  • Big dollops of peanut butter swirled into the ice cream or placed on top
    marshmallow fluff instead of mini marshmallows

  • Speaking of marshmallows, throw a blow torch on those marshmallows after you put them on top to give them a little toast

  • Caramel popcorn as an addition to the mix

  • Salted pretzels as an addition to the mix

S\'mores Ice Cream Tart
Prep Time
90 Minutes
Cook Time
10 Minutes
Total Time
100 Minutes
5 cups golden graham cereal 1 stick of butter, very soft or melted
4-5 cups ice cream, very soft 1/2 cup caramel sauce (double that if you want extra caramel)
1 cup chocolate chipsl 1 cup marshmallows
1 cup hershey's chocolate squares 1 cup golden graham cereal
In the bowl of a food processor, pulse the cereal until it's a fine crumb. Add in your butter and combine completely until it resembles wet sand. Press into the base and sides of a tart pan.
Add your ice cream and spread around until it's evenly distributed across your crust. Pour on your caramel then swirl with a knife. Place in the freezer for about an hour to set.
Meanwhile, slowly melt your chocolate using a double boiler OR in the microwave in 20 second increments. Remove your tart from the freezer and pour your melted chocolate right on top. Spread quickly as the chocolate will begin to harden.
Still moving quickly, add on your other toppings: cereal, chocolate squares and marshmallows. You can give it another round of caramel if you want! Using a piece of parchment paper, press everything down firmly.
Place in the freezer for at least an hour or until you're ready to devour!
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