This Organizer's Home will Give You Maje Motivation to Clear the Clutter
July 21, 2016
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If the pantry is any indication, there is not a junk drawer or jam packed closet to be found in Clea Shearer of The Home Edit's gorgeous abode. Instead it's all classic black and white details and modern accessories mixed with really amazing art photography. Find motivation to clear the clutter with even more of this chic and insanely organized home in the VAULT.


When our house was being built, I had a very simple, but very specific vision. I wanted a white brick house, with a high gloss black door on both the inside and the outside. And that really set the tone for the whole house. White walls, white molding, black light fixtures, back dining room table, black and white photography, and so on.

Dining Room

The dining room is to the left when you walk in through the front door, so it was really important that it coordinated with the entry. We found our black dining room table and chairs at Pottery Barn, and adorned the top with succulents from FLWR Shop - one of our favorite local spots!


I’m such a sucker for a good kitchen.. And I was really excited to make this the all white kitchen of my dreams. With black counters of course. I added a bunch of great canisters from White’s Mercantile, and all white kitchen tools from Williams Sonoma to round it out. My FAVORITE part though is our sitting area with our Jim Marshall photographs hanging above.

Living Room

The living room is open to the kitchen so I wanted all the colors to work together. The couch and chairs are shades of gray, and I allowed little pops of color in the Coral and Tusk pillows (also from White’s Mercantile), and the “Nashville” and “Los Angeles” prints from West Elm.

Mud Room

The mud room is a less formal version of our front entry. The interior black door was the focal point, and the white shiplap walls and chrome hooks were designed as a compliment. And because I never miss an opportunity to organize things, the top cubbies hold baskets of all our on-the-go essentials.

Laundry Room

I know… it’s not white! But it’s the one room where I decided to live a little. My business partner, Joanna, came over and helped me organize all the baskets and cleaning supplies. The perks of being an organizer!

Master Bedroom

I wanted to create a room that was extremely minimal but also really comfortable. The color palette is in grayscale, which I find particularly soothing. And I opted to leave the walls blank and clean to keep the room bright and white. My favorite piece is the lucite rolling cart that has all my important memories and trinkets: The table number from our wedding, the book after which I was named, Bob Dylan lyrics (my favorite!), and a silver box of treasures.

Master Bathroom

There’s nothing like a white bathroom with carrera marble counters. It feels like a spa without even trying! Add in a free-standing tub, and you never need to leave the house.

Master Closet

Moving into this house was the best thing ever… Except I had to downsize my closet. Not the best thing ever. Thankfully I was able to pull off a few organizing tricks to maximize the space. The shelving was transitioned into a shoe wall, and I added our signature script on the shoebox for easy identification. The racks were all categorized and separated by color, and I added an additional standing rack from West Elm to hold my long dresses.



Playrooms are one of my favorite rooms to decorate and one of our favorite spaces to organize for The Home Edit clients. It’s also one of the only rooms in my house where I let the rainbow colors run wild, and it’s a fun to just ROYGBIV every square inch. From an organizational point of view, it’s also really practical because it helps kids navigate their toys better, helps parents clean-up at the end of the day, and always makes the room like polished.
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