Craft the Ultimate Cookie Decorating Bar with these Simple Tips
July 20, 2016
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Cookies are a universal love language and a welcome treat at any and all parties. Why not kick that classic up a notch with a super cute cookie decorating bar? Milou & Olin just showed us how insanely stylish a tropical infused party can be and now they're offering up tips for recreating this sure to be loved party activity. Learn how to craft the ultimate dessert bar below!

Pre-ice baked sugar cookies with white, or light colored, icing. This will give your guests a clean and blank canvas.

Fondant is a great alternative to royal icing on cookies. You can simply roll and cut out shapes with cookie cutters. Fondant typically gets a bad reputation for tasting horribly, but now there are actually a lot of great tasting options. There are many brands available at local craft stores! Find one that you like-- they all have their own unique flavors.

Provide new/unused nylon brushes to use for your decorating station. Alternatively, use any set of brushes that are solely used for dessert decorating.

Make cookie paint by combining edible food coloring, gels, or powders with a few drops of clear liquor or lemon juice. The less liquor or lemon juice you add, the more concentrated your cookie paint will be.

Create cookie "stickers" by printing out edible images. Ask your local bakery or cake supply store if they can print a digital image for you on frosting sheets. Once you have your printed images, simply cut out pieces and shapes for your guests to attach to their pre-frosted cookies.


Make a fun drying station for your guests' cookies. Edible paint can take 1-2 hours to dry-- the thicker the coat of paint, the longer it will take.

Don't forget to provide labels so everyone can keep track of which cookies belong to whom!
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