Peek Inside the Light and Bright Studio of an Etsy Artist
July 19, 2016
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Having a great workspace is everything; especially for those in the creative field. There's nothing quite like an inspiring space to call your very own. For this etsy designer, her dream office is a light, bright blank canvas that lets her fun fabric take center stage. Step inside the HQ for By George! Baby Boutique shot by Stephanie Elliott and get inspired to craft your own office dreamland.
By George! Baby Boutique was born of a creatively-frustrated English Master's student. In a field that felt socially isolating and lacking in visual beauty, I turned to bright, colorful, gorgeous fabrics and a business was born.
What started with a sewing machine on a card table has turned into a business that warrants its own dedicated studio space. When I had the chance to overhaul my studio, I chose all white furniture because I wanted the colorful fabrics I work with to stand out.
I find that I work best when my space is organized and tidy, and finding practical storage solutions were important to me. At any given time I have fabric on hand for up to 100 orders (that's a lot of fabric!) so having a place for storage is key.
I spent the last year juggling my time between completing a BSN at Columbia University and focusing on growing my business. Having such an insanely full plate was not easy, but By George! grew exponentially over the past year and at graduation this May I wasn't sure which accomplishment I was more proud of, my thriving business or my hard-earned degree.
My studio space is fun and inviting, and keeps me focused, even on days where I'd rather catch up on my favorite blogs and sip my iced coffee. I love that I get the chance to decorate using my own products--who else can say that there's a changing pad permanently on display in their office?!
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