5 Reasons to Add this Colorful City to Your Travel Wish List
June 12, 2016
South America
We talk about a 'pop of color' all the time in weddings, home and fashion. But travel? I don't think we've ever featured a mini guide as hue-happy as this one. Captured by Studio Finch, Cartagena is just the destination you should look into if you're craving a dose of color. Studio Finch is giving us a head start with these 5 must-do's!
From Studio Finch... Cartagena, Colombia is one of the most amazing hidden gems I've ever seen! It's an adorable walled city port town, filled with color and lush flowers everywhere. Caratagena is located on the northern coast of Colombia, filled with cobblestone streets and colorful stucco buildings from the 16th century. Everywhere you look, there is a pop of color, hat and fruit salesmen. Out of all of the amazing things to do and see in Cartagena, here is the list of recommendations I was able to narrow down.


It's a must! Cartagena is an old pirate port town, and with that comes the most delicious raw seafood in citrus juices. You can get it at just about any restaurant, or ceviche truck. To go for authentic, go for the ceviche trucks!

Go for a stroll on the walls surrounding the walled city.

Parts of Cartagena's walled city has portions of it which you can walk on. The best time of day to go for a stroll on the historic wall is just before sunset. You can have the amazing opportunity to watch the colors in the sky change as the sun goes down.

Watch the traditional perform at night at Plaza de Bolivar.

Another bonus, it's free to watch! The plaza is filled with young couples dressed in traditional outfits. The dances have so much energy, and also tell a story.

Enjoy a beer on the wall at sunset.

At El Baluarte Tasca-bar, on the South Eastern part of the wall, you can enjoy a beer while listening to the live music in a wooden adirondack chair.

See the arches Torre del Reloj.

Not too far from El Baluarte Tasca-bar you can wander around the square and see the historic arches. The beautiful arched gate walks you into Plaza de la Aduana.
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There are so many things to do, and so much color to take in that I highly recommend seeing this beautiful town for yourself. Fun touristy tip: check out the Russian themed bar! It's on the NorthWest corner of the Plaza Fernández de Madrid.