Fit Everything You Need for a Girl's Getaway in Your Weekender Bag
June 10, 2016
There are usually two camps. The Pack Lighters and the Pack Everythingers. Unfortunately for my husband, I fall in the latter group. But that's all about to change. Ashley Brooke is schooling us in the art of packing smart and still managing to feel like you are rolling deep with your closet posse. Follow these 5 packing hacks and you'll never have a suitcase just for your shoes again. Swear.
Packing is my least favorite thing. I most definitely would put mopping floors and washing dishes ahead of packing. It’s just the absolute worst. I, like most women, appreciate options… ALL the options, in fact. If I could, I would travel with everything I own. That way I won’t have anxiety about leaving something important behind, like a ball gown. I don’t pack light and it’s a horrifically bad habit. Seriously friends, I needed an intervention after I left for a weekend trip lugging three bags (we are talking rolling luggage… not tote bags), and one of them was filled with just my shoes. And yes, if you are wondering, I pretty much wore the same lululemon pants and tennis shoes the entire trip. So that was embarrassing.
After this last travel mishap I vowed to get my packing life together, considering that it was making everyone around me uncomfortable, especially the Bell Man. It did not seem possible at first, but I started outfit planning, creating packing lists, and learning a few other tricks. It may have taken an entire tear-filled day of packing before the first few trips, but now I’ve got it down to a science. Friends, if there is one life hack you can embrace this Summer, it’s learning to fit a long weekend’s worth of outfits in that weekender bag of yours! It’s time to dust it off, and pack like a professional so you can vacation like the bon vivant you are!

Here are my tips for packing efficiently while still bringing, what feels like, all the things!

Color coordinate!

Pack clothing items that can be mixed and matched. Interchangeable outfits save space and time (both before and during the trip). For example, these pretty pink shoes will go with pretty much everything I’ve packed for the weekend!

Two words, ZIP. POUCHES.

Okay, so I know these are our zip pouches, but I made them to solve my very real packing difficulties! Any zip pouch can work, but the point is to help you compartmentalize. I use pouches for keeping my jewelry and cosmetics organized. Plus the bags are easy to pack and slip right into the pocket of my weekender!

Wear the hat.

I love packing a good hat, especially if I am going somewhere sunny and tropical. But I’ve got to be real with you, packing a hat takes up a lot of space and it’s really stressful worrying about it keeping its shape…What if it gets crushed!? Etc. etc. If you can, just wear the hat to your final destination. Not only will people think you are adorable, but deep down inside you will know that you were able to pack those extra shoes!

Outfit planning!

If you know your trip agenda ahead of time, plan an ensemble for each day or special event. I try on each of my outfits (with accessories) before packing them. Then I know, when I wake up each morning, that everything has been vetted and there is no reason to second guess myself. Commit to the look!

Make room for the souvenirs you’ll surely bring back!

I always pack an extra tote bag inside my weekender, just in case I do a little shopping on my trip and need a place to put my new treasures. This has saved me countless times on the return trip home!

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