See Why this Boho Baby Shower is Number One(sie) in Our Hearts
June 8, 2016
Forget traditional games, this baby shower takes party activities to a new level. Roasting coffee, painting onesies and nibbling on the coolest black & white themed dessert spread all masterminded by Adorn Event Rentals + The Bright Lights Events. Yeah, this is the kind of shower we would beg to get an invite to. See what all the fuss is about with the full shower captured by M&Him Photo & Video in the VAULT.
Raelene John is a good friend and also Joryli Romijn’s business partner with The Bright Lights Events. Upon starting to create and plan for the baby shower I wanted to plan something really special that incorporated significant items that Raelene really loved.
Raelene loves neutrals and intimate settings with her loved ones. With that in mind, I wanted everything planned to be made with intention and purpose. Raelene is expecting a baby boy and the baby color she had wanted for her boy was grey. So we wanted to make sure to incorporate greys instead of the usual baby blues, but we still wanted to bring in a splash of color to bring out the neutrals.
We decided that the color palette would be white, greys and creams with splashes of navy. We aimed for a style to include a lot of natural elements with a girly flare, and decided to go with a modern bohemian motif because it gave us more room to play with the natural elements like cacti, succulents, etc…
In order to create a space that felt intentional with every detail, we used specifically placed plants for every section of the home, as well as a décor plan that would not only provide a sense of ease and comfort, but also had functional applications for every guest.
Daniela Schwartz from Adorn Event Rentals touch and design was in everything! She handmade the macramé backdrop where Rogue Florist added touches of greenery. She had also hand made the birch chandelier over the table. Daniela created a mini macramé hanger for baby succulents that were placed right beside the backdrop macramé. They helped serve as décor but also as a fun game prize that 4 guests won by the end of the shower!
We wanted a lot of the floral and greenery pieces to be incorporated all throughout the event. At the front entrance, guests were greeted by a hand-written calligraphy welcome sign by Sunshine Ink Co. which was framed with garland around the door. Inside, there were touches of soft pinks from the garden roses, lots of greenery and tables decorated with elegant floral arrangements. We also DIY-ed hand dipped/dyed napkins navy to help bring touches of navy into the room.
It was a warm spring day outside! For those in need of a spring-summer alternative drink, we created a “Tea Pop” section. The Tea Pop syrup is made from a vibrantly colored brewed herbal tea that’s been reduced to a concentrate. Add some ice, sparkling water and a sprig of garnish, and there you have it: the perfect summer drink!
We not only wanted the Momma-to-be to feel celebrated and loved, but it was also important that she stood out from the rest of crowd. We asked Kerry from Rogue Florist to create a beautiful floral crown to do just that for her. She truly looked the part of a graceful garden princess!
There were plenty of memories made that day, but we will never forget the wonderfully surprised look on Raelene’s face as she arrived as the honored guest! Once she was able to collect herself, it was a joy watching her experience and discover all the little tailored details made with her specifically in mind.
Anyone who knows Raelene knows that she is an avid dessert fanatic! We had Chocolate and Connie create a dessert buffet to incorporate Raelene’s favorite desserts. Chief amongst her sweets obsession are donuts and macarons (she’s even taken a class to learn how to make them!). Connie did a fabulous job at streamlining the desserts within the theme by adding grey stripes to the meringues and using grey icing on the donuts. No detail was left unchecked as even the macarons were earl grey flavored – Raelene’s absolute favorite!
Sweets always pair nicely with a warm and inviting cup of coffee. So it’s only natural that Raelene herself is in a love affair with the steamy beverage. She drank so much coffee before she was pregnant that her doctor still allows her to have 3 cups in exchange for her usual 7. We knew we had to bring in Jack Coffee Bar – a slow-brew bar- to make perfect pour-overs for our coffee-loving mama-to-be and her guests. This also proved to be an entertaining bit of interactive fun during times where guests may start feeling a little antsy.
It was a beautiful spring day, so we wanted to use the whole venue space! For those who wanted to enjoy the outdoors we placed the onesie painting station and Jack Coffee Bar out in the backyard.
The Onesie Painting Station: We all know onesies are a necessity when having your first baby. It’s amazingly easy how quick a new mother will run through them! We wanted for Raelene to have a personalized onesie from each of her friends and family to put on her own little one. It was practical and thoughtful thing to do for Raelene, but was also a fun opportunity for the girls to get creative!
For those who wanted to stay indoors or sit with their coffees snuggled up on the couch, we had 2 fun games and sheets for them to doodle and play with.
Mommy or Daddy Game: Victoria Senges Design Co created a personal mommy or daddy game which allowed for the guests to laugh and guess who did what! They had to answer some questions like “Who is a better cook?”
Damian Rolando Sheet: Victoria Senges also created a sheet where every guest would write a personalized note for baby Damian to be put into a scrapbook, and used as a delightful memento for both momma and baby to view for years to come.
We really wanted Raelene to leave with some special memories. We created a sign that said “We Love You Damian Rolando” for each one of her loved ones to take a photo with for a personal keepsake!

Favors were created with one of Raelene’s favorite quotes for each guest to have as a keepsake and as an encouragement.
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Our goal was for Raelene to come out of her baby shower feeling loved and supported as she enters into a new season of motherhood! We loved watching her interact with the different details that was special and represented her. We had the funnest time celebrating the momma-to-be!