The One Room We Want to Eat, Sleep and Breathe in All Summer
June 2, 2016
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If I had a sunroom, I am positive I would eat, sleep and breathe in only that room for all of summer. Truth. They're a warm-weather dream space and Kendall Simmons and her latest sunny masterpiece are showcasing how to get that sunroom to gold status. A few tricks of the trade and your favorite room will be living up to its full summer potential. See even more captured by Catherine Truman in the VAULT.
My clients for this Sun Room are a sweet family of four who were looking to create a happy living space where they can hang out together, read, and enjoy the sunshine.

The starting point was already pretty special. I mean, how awesome is the hex shape and that stone floor?
I created an intimate seating area, just large enough to hold the family. All of the chairs are swivels for comfort and flexibility.

Swivel chairs are one of the most flexible items of seating that you can buy. They're comfortable to sit in, but they allow multiple seating arrangements without having to move furniture around each time you want to change it. For example, if you want chairs in a conversation group, but also to be able to reverse them to appreciate the view outside your windows, swivel chairs are the perfect choice!
Because my clients have two small children and a dog, we decided it would be best to use fabrics and rugs that are as stain resistant as possible. The chair fabrics as well as the rug are all indoor/outdoor.

Outdoor fabrics and rugs don't need to be exclusively used outside. They add extra durability and longevity to homes with kids and pets.
I then added lightly lined gauzy drapery around the entire perimeter of the room that served two purposes - light filtering as well as softness to cover the hard corners. The custom iron rod is made in such a way that it looks continuous.

Strategic color distributed throughout the room lends personality while still maintaining the mostly neutral palette.

If you're nervous about committing to color in your home, keep it simple by limiting the color to small items such as pillows, lamps and small furniture. That way, if you tire of the color or are ready for a change after a few years, you only have to change out a few small items to reinvent the room.
The excellent vintage-style rattan cart makes a great planting station for my client's green thumb, but during a party can double as a bar cart.

Carts don't have to be used exclusively for bars! Consider using them for craft supply storage, holding a record player and records, or a plant stand like I did in this room!
One of my favorite features of this special room is the collection of vintage brass accents throughout. The horse on the cart, and the foot warming stool are personal favorites of mine!
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