The Only Flower Arrangement You Need this Summer
June 1, 2016
Flowers are the easiest and maybe greatest gift; especially when they come prearranged in a cute little vase like this. No need for the gift receiver to cut, water, find a vase, etc It's a sure fire hit. With tips from Anthology Co. along with photographs by Alisa Ferris, craft your own little pot of blooms perfecting for gifting or as a pretty addition to your summer get togethers. Find even more in the VAULT!
The inspiration from this shoot is near and dear to our hearts. Veronica's love of florals started at an early age when she would garden with her grandmother. Her mother, a fellow creative and potter, inspired her stunning collection of Mexican and Spanish style vases. Seeing that Veronica's roots hail from the Canary Islands in Southern Spain, we couldn't resist but show our amor de España with colorful pottery and oranges.
This tutorial is for a small arrangement, perfect for as a housewarming gift or to brighten up your coffee table.


Floral clippers
Chicken wire or floral foam
Arrangement of flowers + greenery
Lots of love


Pick a vase based on the size of your arrangement

Using floral clippers, cut chicken wire to approximately 3-4 times of the opening of your vase

Form the chicken wire into a semi-circle or dome and place into the vase

Fill the vase with water

Starting with your greenery, use your floral cutters to stems at a diagonal

Place your greenery into the vase, one at a time. Be sure to cover all sides, ensuring there are not any major gaps in space

Next, choose your main flower. This is the either the largest or the flower you have in greatest quantity. Again, trim the stems at a diagonal, and begin to layer in the arrangement

Finally, using your secondary and tertiary florals - those you have more limited quantities or those more delicate flowers - and use those to fill any gaps in the arrangement

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Photographer: Alisa Ferris | Florals: Anthology Co. | Cake: Earth + Sugar