Condo Living Can Be Luxurious and Here's the Proof
May 5, 2016
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All my gold dreams have been realized with this pretty condo that is literally trimmed in gold. And everywhere you turn, there's a bit of fabulousness. We're talking palm frond ceilings, the prettiest of bedroom chandeliers and a backyard perfect for entertaining. It's a dream space that sparkles from the second you enter that teal door. See even more captured by Audra Wrisley in the VAULT.
When my husband and I renewed our rental lease a little over two years ago, we weren't planning on going anywhere anytime soon. But then we ran into 'our' home about a month later: a super cute condo with a lush green backyard, within walking distance from restaurants, and just minutes away from the city. It felt so right that we decided to make an offer, and before we knew it we were home owners!
Our 1940's condo is exactly what you'd expect it to be, with lots of character and funny little quirks. Full of doors of different heights, a vintage fusebox, an antique hot fan, we have it all. But there is also lots of solid wood, sturdily laid brick, and tons of other durable materials you just don't see in most new buildings anymore. Although its hard to find the parts when anything breaks, it certainly has tons of charm, and we've grown to love it here!
Upon settling in, I made it a mission to combine our travel treasures, small design pieces and vintage finds, as both my husband and I love a clean simple look with pops of unexpected color. The large iron casement windows provide beautiful natural light during the day. These are one part of the original design we definitely don't plan on changing, because there are such a cool historic feature! Continually inspired by travel and our backgrounds (my husband is from Holland and has Indonesian roots), we wanted our space to feel like us. As you can see, he has quite the obsession with maps and globes, which I can't say I mind!
When first visiting, I immediately fell in love with the open kitchen. I'm obsessed with greenery and I honestly believe you can never have enough plants, so it didn't take long for the kitchen to get its share. Perhaps my favorite part of the house is this ceiling, that we recently wallpapered with what we refer to as our jungle ceiling.
One of our first projects in the 'new-old' house as we like to call it, was exposing our bedroom wall with the original brick underneath. As our house was built before drywall, it was quite a messy process! We absolutely loved the look of the brick, and eventually chose to whitewash it in order to brighten up the bedroom.
The second project I tackled, was painting our house a simple cream throughout with a gold trim- a color combination that's quite literally in my DNA. (I recently found out my Grandmother had a gold wall in her 1940s farmhouse!) The gold trim outlines the spaces, and provides that extra bit of chic I was hoping for.
When I couldn't find a large enough curtain rod for the living room space, I decided to tackle what turned out to be one of my favorite DIY projects, and constructed one from PVF connecting pieces. After painting it with an 'oil bronzed' Rustoleum spray paint, it fits in with the original door knobs and fixture in the house, and makes the space look larger.
I opted for a bright look in our bedroom with the exposed whitewashed brick wall as the focal point in the room. and lots of linen, gold, and cream textiles to make it feel cozy. This is also my favorite spot for a 'gallery wall', and we recently installed a series from our Indonesia trip this passed summer. I love waking up to see some of our favorite travel adventures each day.
The backyard is the perfect place for long spring and summer nights to relax and hang out with friends. Our pup Garcia loves exploring, and it's been so fun to have an herb garden of our own for cooking some of our favorite meals!
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