Throwing a Dinner Party? Check Gorgeous Table Styling off Your List
May 2, 2016
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We first came across this wildly fabulous dining room from interior designer Kendall Simmons right here. And now Kendell is back to show us two different ways to style your table for a dinner party using 5 core elements. One is gorgeous and decidedly adultish and the other, perfect for the kiddos or the kiddos at heart. I may be pushing late 30's but I'm all about that rainbow pom pom. See the full spread captured by Catherine Truman in the VAULT.

From designer, Kendall Simmons... Both table concepts use many of the same elements, but by making small adjustments I show that you can get very different looks!

The core elements used to create both looks


Colorful mixed floral arrangements - using a combo of grocery store and wholesale fresh flowers
Brightly colored cloth napkins
Colorful glass cake stands for arranging food
Vintage gold flatware
Assorted clear and gold glassware

Concept One: Bright and Beautiful


Perfect for afternoon tea, bridal shower or a fun dinner party

Collect vintage brass candlesticks. I love to shop for them at thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets! Dress them up with simple and sophisticated white column candles. Use them to fill in any small gaps on the table, the more the merrier!

Mix-matched china patterns. Don't be afraid to put patterns together that you normally wouldn't. This setting combines floral, black and white, and geometric all at the same time! Also, worry if you mix silver and gold accents. That's a rule that's made to be broken!

Concept Two: Whimsical for the Child or Child at Heart


Ideal for children's parties or family meals where children are present at the adult table!

Coloring book runner and colored pencils at each place setting! The focal point of this table is the unexpected coloring book runner. This affordable treat comes on a roll and is great for keeping little kiddos occupied at the dining table. Use glassware or any other small container to hold individual art supplies for each person!

Animal themed china. Seriously, how cute are these gold animal plates? Animal elements are universal crowd-pleasers, especially for the younger crowd.

Rainbow felt pom pom garland. This little detail adds continuous color throughout the table, and it could easily be a craft project that kids could help with ahead of time!

Swizzle sticks. Why not add a little jewelry to everyone's drinks? They're also a way to color-code so that guests can keep track of their drinks.

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