A DIY That Will Take Your Standard Mirror to the Next Level
April 17, 2016
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I am IN LOVE with this project. So much so, that it just might be my favorite of all time. Ceramic floral mirrors are really popular right now but we wanted to take that trend right into Spring - and since most days I'm short on time - I wanted to simplify the project. So I gathered a variety of accessories - silk flowers, ropes, old butterfly christmas ornaments - and dipped them into paint. After you let them dry for 24 hours you can start building out your mirror. It's that easy.

Mirror Accessories (ropes, tassels, silk flowers, butterflies, small toys, etc)
1 Quart of Paint, Flat or Matte
Hot Glue
Bowl with medium sized mouth
Painters Tape
Latex Gloves
Camera or iPhone


Lay each of the accessories on your mirror until you're settled on the finished look you want to achieve. Take a photo for reference.

Tape off the mirrored portion of your mirror using painters tape and newspaper. You want the mirror to be completely covered to protect it from stray paint. Paint the frame of your mirror and let dry completely. You might need to add another coat of paint once dried. Allow the second coat to dry as well.

Pour your paint into your bowl. If you are only using small decor items, you can use the paint can itself as the bowl. Your bowl should be sized so that you can dip each piece and submerge it completely in
the paint.

Using gloves, dip each of your accessories into the paint. You can use your fingers to cover into the areas that didn't take the paint. Allow the paint to drip entirely off. You can use your hands to help the process along.

Set on a plastic, glass or surface that won't stick to the paint (like paper). We used the top of a storage container. Let dry completely - 24 hours is generally good.

Referring to your photo, begin hot glueing each piece onto your mirror. Let dry then wipe the mirror clean.

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Photography: SMP Living | Design and Styling: SMP Living