Give Your Baskets a Quick & Chic Spring Makeover
April 14, 2016
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We use baskets for just about everything in our house. They are also great to have on hand for easy and fast cleaning, which I love. I can toss my magazines, the kids toys, throw blankets, anything into these in just minutes. For a quick update, we added a little dose of white paint which really makes them feel modern and very much on trend seasonally. And it's a project that you can do on the cheap. So grab some paint and go to town on your most beloved decor accessory with this simple Spring makeover.

Baskets in different sizes
Painters Tape
Foam Brush


Tape off the area or pattern that you would like to paint. You can place the tape in a stripe pattern, a chevron pattern or just a single large area.

Using your foam brush, paint the area that you have marked.

Remove the tape gently and let dry completely.

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