Think You Can't Make Your Own Spring Centerpiece? Think Again
March 24, 2016
Spring is all about blooms. From fashion to tabletop, flowers are a must and with Steve Moore of Sinclair And Moore Events' help, we're making sure that your Springtime centerpiece game is strong. Like floral freaking masterpiece strong. Get the dish on secrets to the perfect centerpiece from their Spring Workshop photographed by Matthew Land Studios and prepare to whip up some magic.
From Steve Moore... We held our second workshop in May, and we had 17 amazing women join us as we taught the art of event design and floral composition. The workshop was once again filled with women from all kinds of backgrounds, stories and experiences with the common love of flowers and event design. 
I was so humbled by how far everyone came to learn from us. We had people from all over the country, and even someone that flew over from Germany. Some had worked with flowers before, and others were experiencing floral design for the first time. Everyone left with new knowledge and techniques and a greater confidence.
I didn’t know how much I would love teaching workshops, and sharing my knowledge and passion with people. In addition to teaching, I have also had the opportunity to encourage people’s dreams and help point them in the right direction. That has been the most rewarding part of all of this.
I love seeing people leave our workshops and go home and quit their full times jobs to pursue their passions. I love seeing people source flowers from their local markets and continue to practice the techniques they learned in our studio. I love seeing people come alive, and start believing in themselves and their dreams.
Psst... interested in getting your floral on? There are still spots available for Sinclair & Moore's Spring workshops. They're perfect for even the total beginner. Plus, donuts! They serve donuts and teach you how to make pretty flower masterpieces. That sounds like our idea of a really good time. And be sure to stop by their instagram because they just might be giving away a scholarship to one lucky attendee!

Click here for more on Sinclair & Moore Spring Workshops!

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compote/ bowl to hold the flowers
pin floral frog, or soaked floral foam foam
floral putty, water proof floral tape


3 tree peony stems
3-5 garden rose stems
5 spray rose stems
9 ranunculus stems
5 kumquat branches
mixture of green foliages and vines


Secure the pin frog at the bottom of your compote bowl using floral putty and then fill the bowl with water. If you are using floral foam, secure your soaked floral foam in the compote bowl with floral tape.

Start designing your arrangement using the different kinds of foliage you gathered. The foliage will be your foundation for your entire arrangement so focus on creating the oversell shape you desire your arrangement to be. Use arching branches and leafy vines to add length and height to the arrangements.

Before adding any flowers, poke the fruited branches in the bottom of your arrangement so that the fruit hangs over the side of the compote bowl.

Carefully place the tree peonies (or a large impressive flower of choice) where you want the focal points to be. The flower should be tucked into the green foliage so it looks like it is growing out of the compote.

Add the gardens roses around the focal flowers, being careful not to place any of the flowers directly side by side or at the same depth as the focal flower. It is important to play with levels of depth so the flowers have dimension.

Continue to fill in your centerpiece with spray roses and ranunculus. I like to have some of these flowers extend beyond the focal flowers and some tucked deep into the compote.

It takes a lot of restraint to know when to stop adding flowers. Take a step back and look at your arrangement to see if all of the different types of foliages and flowers are visible. Tweak height and position of flowers as necessary.

Keep watering your arrangement. The flowers will drink a lot of water, and so you will need to refill the water level throughout the life of your centerpiece.

Remember to have fun and let yourself be free to explore and experiment with flower placement! Don’t be limited by rules! What you create should be an extension of your personal style!

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